Hardcore Basement Back Training | Home Gym Back Workout

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Lewis Hartley says:

Even Marc’s hair makes gains daily

bearcat19872013 says:

damn ive never tried rowing a boombox.

5pecialist says:

Why the hell would anyone get mad at Marc for lifting on Xmas? The saying
is “Do you even lift?” Not “why are you lifitng”?

lauuuer69 says:

You are working your back more than your biceps on your barbell curls lol

Huber Hernandez says:

that power rack is awesome.

RedgraveKennedy says:

The brother be jelly that marc can grow out the jew yet he can’t……that
was a low blow on my part I’m sorry.

Brad Suarez says:

The first time I trained on Christmas Day I thought I was the hardest of
the core I even trained at 12am new years morning that same year lmao….
now it’s just like routine…. today is back and bi’s gonna train back and
bi’s like every other workout day! 

Mark Brewer says:

Is that two toasters that you’re curling with?

david whitaker says:

I dot get why these trolls talk shit about you guys arms the two of you put
together have a great set of arms! !!

zzXAZAXzz says:

I usually just train at home with my free weights. All conveniently in the

J Smitty says:

I trained on xmas in my basement too. Its great having a home gym.

Erik BC says:

2:57 dat form doe 

eLusiveEWoK says:

Im probably going to sound like a complete ass hat but wow dat form…

Adam Davies says:

It looked like your curling Lego Bricks :.)

Yosef Campos says:

Look at my brothers from another Ema getting those gains and that is right
we Jews train all day cause its not a game!!

Chris Mcdonald says:

working out at home is great

Nazaro says:

Styrations m8!!!

ForTeensFitness says:

Marc’s arms are big they don’t look huge on camera but when I saw him at
the Olympia they were huge! Don’t troll

Krikor Kazikojian says:

where did all of that hair come from haha niceeee

mikkel dyhr müthel says:

U dont have to explain yourselves guys we love you

ParkmoreWestside213 says:

haha jewfro

kinkoshinkai says:

This is why I have enjoyed building up my home gym over the last 10 years.
It removes ALL excuses! GIT ‘ER DONE!! (Homage to Larry.)

beasthockeyplayer4 says:

Marc u should build ur own gym!

billy786 says:

Looking younger with the hair fella! Dont get rid haha

TheEinart says:

The big dumbells remind me of an old ghettoblaster

Alex Hahn says:

So hardcore 

Liam Rorke says:

You’re brother is annoying

JoseReyes2064 says:

nice home gym

TheQuickyouknow says:

I’m sure most of us fitness nerds worked out on Christmas. I got up at six
in the morning to work out lol.

PaperManga says:

aaron is like a taller stretched out version of marc hahaha!

TheTigerFitness says:
obaama91 says:

Nice video guys .
Hi all , support my friends channel ” theksaboyz ” . There is a videos
about make ur own home-made gym eqipement which is so interesting to watch.
So check it out. 

Ramninder Litt says:

Have u lost ure gains? u look weaker

dredfunn says:

I only workout at home, socially I’m not very compatible with public gyms.

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