HOME “300” WORKOUT (Bodyweight Only!!)

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Boris Sokachev says:

How many Persians must i kill? 

swayziee xclusive says:

Well its a good job i have the equipment here at home but what about for
the people that don’t ??

KraljCorvin says:

there is nothing “home” about this , except you expect people to have all
that gym stuff at home …..

Steven Campbell says:

An at home workout that you only need boxes, bench press setups and other
gym equipment for.
Lol.. Mmkay

Ариунбаяр Баттөр says:

perfect body, tnx for workouts will try. which period of the day is better
for workout

Rockdrigo Rz says:


CPAR15 says:

Damn i was looking forward to trying the advance version; but as soon as i
saw the 1 arm inverted chins i knew i was going to have to stick with the
easier one.

Martin Hagalen says:

Hey some of you should start workout one very important muscle before you
do your first rep… It’s your brain… You have to use it really coz you
can hurt or kill yourself OK and then you don’t have to throwing around
stupid questions ant pathetic arguments… End of story

James Austin says:

40 push-ups after arm-inverted chin ups for “beginner”!?!?! 

Paul Lome says:

HOME “300” WORKOUT (Bodyweight Only!!) : http://youtu.be/MABMQy8CCNc

dajc1990 says:

Man you look so well controlled doing these moves. If I tried this I’d look
like a seal flopping around at a zoo show

alberto piechele says:

Bravo! Cose semplici, ma dure ed efficaci !

Nabil Elbaloui says:

i’m 16 and i don’t have money for the gym,cause i’m from a poor family but
i have a body that’s better then all the rich guys : just with home
exercices and calisthenics :)

Quentanah Asterah says:

If mind says I’m am good, my mind is wrong. With that saying I prescribed
to my self my personal limit which is my current level of achievement. One
is never in state to say I am good. If one wants to be good then one will
seek ever above.

Jérôme Figuin says:

Are we supposed to rest between each exercice ? 

pocketsizemachine says:

Check this out irish guy..

Guitars13 says:

This came out on my birthday!

علي منذر says:

Thank you
What is the name of this music

Norbert Rejnisz says:

Hardcore mate!! Respect!!

alibaba chickenman says:

i thought no bars or bench hahha

mario mesa sambrano says:

nice this is great very efective and practice

MonGnoM says:

Well i have a problem.
As soon as i do Pushups, my wrists start extremely hurting the day after, i
can’t even move them anymore.
The pain comes when moving, and when putting pressure on my hands.

So i guess i’m doing something wrong.

mikhailkb says:

this looks insane, instant subscribe

Dariush A says:

That was so gay. Show some real work out persian style

João Guimarães says:

Hey Jeff, great job with this video! I just wanted to know how many times
per week should I do it? Is this a 5-day workout? Thanks a lot and keep up
the awesome work!

Mhykl Nieves says:

How many times/sets are we suppose to do?

Schnarf Schnarf says:

That was like only 100 workouts 

Kartik Panwar says:

this is amazing
i m 13 years old and im having 6 packs

oh Ono says:

this is type of video is the best not much talking…. and more examples…

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