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I used to be FAT…here’s how I finally got six pack abs:

In this video I show you a quick home workout you can do for chest and back. This is a great workout to get started with at home if you don’t have a gym membership. And I will sometimes do this workout when I don’t have time to go to the gym, or when I’m traveling and don’t have gym access.

Here’s the workout:

SIDE TO SIDE PUSHUPS — 10 REPS. Move your hands wide apart as you go down, and close together when you reach the top of the pushup. Alternate sides, so that you are traveling side to side as you do your pushups.

DUMBBELL FLYS — 10 REPS. Move the dumbbells up and down in a CIRCULAR motion, not a PRESSING motion like a bench pres. Keep your arms slightly bent. Isolate your chest as much as possible — you should feel your chest muscles squeezing together as you do this, and minimal tricep involvement.

BENT ARM SIDE LATERAL — 10 REPS. Keep your arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Raise your arms upwards and to the side. You should feel this in your deltoid (shoulder) muscles primarily. If you are advanced, do this explosively like I do in the video. If you’re a beginner, use slower, more strict form and isolate your shoulders more. Be careful with too much back involvement if you’re first starting off (it may lead to injury if you’re not conditioned to explosive weight lifting moves).

BENT OVER SIDE LATERAL — 10 REPS. Bend over at a 90 degree angle, so that your back is flat like a table top. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings as you do this. In this position, contract the muscles of your back to bring the dumbbells upwards in a circular motion. Really contract your back as much as possible at the top of the repetition to get the most out of it. Again, use more strict, slow form than I do in this video if you are a beginner — use more explosive form if you are advanced.

DUMBBELL FRONT RAISES TO CEILING — 10 REPS. Keeping your arms bent VERY slightly (almost straight), raise the dumbbells from your legs to vertically above your head. Once again, use strict form if you are a beginner and do not initiate the movement with momentum from your back. If you are advanced, explode from the bottom with a small amount of back involvement, and use a heavier weight.

DUMBBELL GOOD MORNINGS — 10 REPS. Hold the dumbell to your chest. Bend over from your hips, being careful not to round your back excessively. Go down until you feel a stretch in your hamstring, then keeping your back straight return to the standing position.

And that’s it! You can do this once for a quick workout, or 3x for a more thorough workout.

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Thanks guys, and I will talk to you in the comments to answer any questions!

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Juan Gonzalez says:

Man, I’ve always been a fatty and always struggled to lose weight. Just
watching this, really pumped me up! No homo, but I wanna be sculpted like
this Mike dude. Starting tomorrow, I’m a definitely get more active!!

tynij22449 says:

Those dislikes are probably some jelous fat cunts who know they cant do
this shit and never will be able to

Joe Matsuzawa says:

should i do more reps if i only have light weights?

WeGottaSituationGTL says:

Good workout even with bitch weights.

Aussie Nomad says:

Did this guy miss leg day?

ButterBlater says:

this is only a workout for bloody beginners like max 6 months training,
after that go to the real gym, you dont look like him when you do a pussy
workout like that!

Awesome Fitness Gym says:

Home Chest & Back Workout #awesomegym #stayawesome 

tismanassoutomuni says:

if you want back excersise DEADLIFT
there is no good alternative

Ma Rino says:

Which of these exercises are for chest,and which are for back?

GameGuyIvan says:

You look better with short hair.

Vijay Singh says:

Sir I am Daily Workout , I’ve been out on my stomach why I’ve been skinny.
Inside me there is still so much longer too fat

Srk Fan says:

How can i get a Flat Chest??

randomdude1191 says:

What annoys me is that he makes people think they can look like him doing
these silly light exercises. Sure, you can work up a sweat and burn
calories but this is not how you build muscle. Invest in a cheap gym or buy
a used barbell, a rack, and some plates and get an actual workout.

Dee Woods says:

some of those are for your shoulders… not your chest or back…. ?…

Muhammad Awais says:

Can I know the weight of your dumbbells plz?

Leroy Jenkins says:

you play the guitar mike?

TheDoggyStylee says:

more like chest and shoulder workout

ShawnRector says:


FearPete97 says:

Where is the back exercise good morning are for hamstrings and all the
lateral raises are for shoulders?

Visions M'i says:

I hope it work I’m really skinny :’)

pritam sarma says:

You are Great Mike!, but the problem is I have only Dumbbell.
I want to know that is there any one dumbbell chest exercise???? I am
following your every chest exercise!

kim braun says:

how many sets should i do per day?

Ma Rino says:

How many times needs to repeat all excesrises?

slayer11447788 says:

When do u do this workout like every other day or every day or what?

Hamza Kilic says:

“Sixpack shortcuts”?? I bet he missed his shortcut cause he aint got one??

Muhammad Arif Ramadhan says:

Home chest and back workout at home

Mesrop Andranikyan says:


Alan Medina says:

Aye if anyone can help what’s thename of the song or music? Sounds great!!

Max JC says:

This 6 exercise can do how many time in each day ????

bisCuiT says:

Oh Mike, it seems like a lifetime ago when you were only slightly up

xiaopang254 says:

1 set each?

keith coye says:

I am looking for a home workout and this guy is not making things any
easier why do you have 4 completely different videos for the Sam work your
so confusing

abdallah rechache says:

You are the Best

Connor Anderson says:

How bout u do some leg workouts too

Kaspars Kalnins says:

for how long time its need to do,and how to train the abdominal muscles
effectively because my weight is to musch

MrMillerMLG says:

Lol I’m 14 and skinny and not too strong and the push up thing at the
beginning was hard lol

Justin Skyberg says:

on this should you use heavy weights or light weights?

santa tomi says:

very good bradar

rote45 says:

If i do with a 55 lb dumbbell will I have better results or not

Defecio Stoglin says:

Awesome Vid Bro…I’m gonna try and put this into motion for myself

Scott Lyons says:

Do you do the six exercises once or keep going until you wear out? How many
times a day is recommended to do this to get the best benefit?

llora1000 says:

Now you know I can’t do that. This is not the place for me. I just subbed
to watch you lol….

Gosn Ognjen Silni says:

Can someone confirm this realy works? :))

Desmond Koranteng says:

Can u do some leg workouts thanks.

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