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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Tired of the gym, or do you not even have access to one? Then try the B.U.F.F. Dudes Chest Home Workout. This routine is full of exercises which will help you build your Shield! Want the best Home Workout with only one pair of Dumbbells? Well, you got one. Go for it, Dudes!

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Best Home Workout Routine – Chest Dumbbells Routine
Shot n’ Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White

Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa – http://www.youtube.com/user/JinnDemonEvil

Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder.


mark hazlitt says:

I’ve been watching and using your videos for three months now, one of the
main reasons is the laughter factor! You guys keep in mind that although
bodybuilding buff dudes style is effective, it’s about having fun and
showing that buff dudes aren’t just mindless meatheads! Thanks for keeping
us laughing and growing!

Mark van Tienen says:

Isn’t the last one for lats and db chest fly looks pretty similar to db
bench press if you do it like that (i have straightened arms all the way)
or is there some difference?

Raymond Johnsen says:

real trimmed body language! 🙂 some “thing” 2 copy from! and great tip´s
by the way! it is more then dumbell tips for me! thanks!

raju ghosh says:

thisman shows perfectly how to build a body fast, hats off to you man… :)


Anyone know the name of the song?

jamie hazell says:

subscribed this is exactly what ive been looking for!

Jae Pranks says:

Song name? wait.. Darude Sandstrom?
Thanks! :)

lucasdawsontv says:

you make is sound so sexy. thank you handsome

bandha balu says:

what is the weight of each dumbbells that u used

Beau Carpenter says:

Dude is buff.

Mark Eatough says:

BUFF DUDE style !!

fontey _ says:

Is it possible to do these exercises on the floor instead of a bench?


thanks fella nice workout not bad for a pre workout..

Hamid saggat says:


Lance Winters says:

Excellent thanks!

Danny Smith says:

Hey Awesome video there…fellow Viking dude.. 🙂 Love the whole 90’s
arcade vibe.. none of that girlie type stuff, a real Man’s work out.. Will
definitely be incorporating this into my chest workout routine – Buff Dudes
Style!…Hail Odin!

pthorne 98 says:

second one is hard

Abdul Israr says:

Do you have to do this everyday or you can set days?

Emily Ling says:

my cooler is way too small :-(

Paul Tomy says:

bad ass voice

dexericdex igo says:

Where can i find some decent dumbbell workout videos without some douche
bag talking like hes on the die hard set

Michael Chan says:

How long do you guys rest for between each set?

kush king says:

lmao!!! aye kill that porn music homie..

horacio1464 says:

thanks man, my muscles are burning :D

RuinedSteel says:

Routine for those who need it noted:

4 Sets Chest Press
12-15 Reps

4 Sets Close Grip Fly Chest Press
10-12 Reps

4 Sets Single Arm Chest Press
15 Reps

4 Set Crossover Pullovers
20 Reps

saul perez says:

This is good.

Ali Asad says:

What a badass 

Tony Gonzalez says:

Mike Chang is a pussy

Edward smith says:

Liking your videos, simple and good core dumbbell workouts (like your BAck
one also)

I just got a set of POWERBLOCKS, waiting for Adjustable bench to be
delivered, no more GYM for me, they went up in price and with this set-up
at home , NO excuses


joel romero says:

when i do the flys i feel alot of pressure on my shoulder, is that normal?

Finn Tenzer says:

Guess i have to single arm press both sides 4 times each, havent i? :D

i7vSa7vi7y says:

Thank you. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for

nikeboy88 says:

i have 2 of the 25 lb dumbbells. can u real gain size/ get cut with just

kimsour seng says:

Any professor ans my question plssssss can I workout on Monday and Thursday

Alexander Farel says:

Mr Chang sucks

Jagadhees Thirumoorthy says:

thanks a lot man. that’ll be my routine today

rsts1912 says:

what is the song in the backround?

artsy1011 says:

Should the single arm dumbbell chest press be done right at shoulder level?
Ive read and heard elsewhere that that can strain the shoulder and it
actually did a little when I tried it.

NelGames says:

Should I increase the weight after every set?

airsoftsecret says:

Douche but thanks for the tips 

kuntbrigade says:

I love it! So simple and straight to the point! Can’t wait to feel that

Lopaka Diego says:

this really helped!! i only got 2 dumbells at home, wouldnt know what to do
without this video.

Lionel Yang says:

Mike chang is nonsense. This is the real deal . Perfect balance between
clarity in demonstration and definitely not being long winded .

Christopher Hedgehog says:

The last exercise made me pull a muscle in my left tricep 🙁 But excellent
workout though :)

Irakli T says:

i’m running this whole at home routine. it’s pretty damn good. any chance
of doing variations on the exercises to mitigate the plateauing, down the

kimsour seng says:

can we workout 2 times per week monday and thursday

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