Home Gym Back Workout for Mass

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Complete Back Workout From Top To Bottom.

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Hey there, it’s your muscle building coach Lee Hayward back again for another home gym workout. Today you’re going to get a mass building back workout that will help you build size and thickness in your back.

This workout starts off with a big basic compound power move and then goes into assistance exercises to isolate and target all areas of your back… For the isolation exercises I’m going to be using the Power Tec Lat Tower and Seated Cable Row. This is a new addition to my home gym and I’m very pleased with it. Power Tec makes very solid home gym equipment.

The Back Workout is as follows:
– Deadlifts – 5 sets of 5 reps
– Lat Pull Downs – 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps
– Seated Cable Row – 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps
– Straight Arm Cable Pull Over – 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps

This is a great workout for building overall mass, definition, and width throughout your back muscles.

Give it a try for yourself and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please post them in the comments section below.

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TS13 says:

Hey Lee I know this might sound stupid but I’m totally new to this whole
thing… Can you build muscle with just dumbbell workouts? This is the only
thing I have in my house and I don’t have access to a gym. 

calisthenics4ever says:

*Hey Lee, do you ever find yourself with lack of motivation or energy when
working out alone with no people around? Doesn’t this affect your workouts
at all?*

Alex Smith says:

Another great workout routine. Had to share! Thanks Lee!

Tim shufflebottom says:

*Lee, why do you never look lean?*

Tim Shufflebottom says:

*Lee, why do you never look lean?*

TexasBassFishing says:

When u do that last lat pull down, how do you keep your Tris and chest out
of it? I have tried doing it bent over like you and standing up straight. I
always feel my Tris sore the next day because of this, but my lats also
good some soreness. I just really want to isolate my lats and get those
bird wings without bringing my arms and chest into it. I have to somehow
find a technique to eliminate myself from squeezing my chest

GeneralGreevas says:

I’m not shure you know what home gym looks like

Tehbearz says:

How many sets of shingle rows would you recommend for fat gainz?

Hal1q says:

LEE! Nice video!

Do you have a video of dumbbell dead lifts and the various types?

nuketheworld999 says:

great workout. must try this soon

YTuberosity says:

I dunno about those straps. Chalk would provide less stress on your wrists
from the straps and encourage grip strength. Yes, you’re trying to remove
the weak link (grip) but I think you should be trying to improve it with
chalk – if you can’t lift the weight using chalk its too heavy. Also, why
are you hyperextending the back at the top of the deadlift? This is a known
problem-causing move for your spine when having a weight in front of you.

Hyon M says:

Thanks lee appreciate the training video 

tricepsish says:

Hey Lee, for the 5 x 5 deads, do u keep the same weight for the 5 working

Devin Reed says:

I did alot of back workouts today worked out 4x a total of 5 hours but when
I got home I had bruises that appeared out of nowhere and no physical force
acted on my body I did not even notice it nor feel it nothing looks like
busted vessels. Tomorrow is a rest day but is this anything to worry about.
I did over do it today probably now for the past 3 days my joints mostly
arms have been achy like they were bruised and I went easy on arm day.

Fede de Ugarriza says:

What’s up with that touch-and-go deadlift? 

Paul L says:

Hey Lee, what lifting belt do you wear? Thanks 

Kekeboy100 says:

Lee, am just curious I watched ur older videos and you were MORE muscular
and ripped back then. And not now, is this beacause u don’t train serious
that much or what?

wesellee says:

How much money do you have so far in the equipment so far.ive been thinking
about doing the home gym too rather than pay out 1200 bucks a year for gym

Jesse Urban says:

I try to do 3 sets of 8 reps on the lat pull down, it is one of the
exercises that I can do at work if slow enough for me to take an official

hhosurfer says:

Could you replace the straight arm pull over with dumbbell lat pull overs?

BTW Lee Great Channel!

Leocesar 3D says:

Why not do the deadlift within the 8-12 rep range?

Matt Costis says:

Can you do one week with seated row another week barbell riws and dumbbells
rows the next week?

Star Platinum says:

Can i benchpress everyday?

David Hla says:

You should of gotten the Vector Home Gym…

ThatNativeGuy says:

what does the belt do? does it help to suppose the back?

Andrew Skratt says:

power tec has the best home equimpment

maverickxt says:

Thanks Lee you the best trainer out there.

iowahawksaregroovy says:

do a video with the hodgetwins ;)

Matt Costis says:

whats the longevity of the shingle? and how long is the warranty?

Lukedp 97 says:

Lee owns his own gym right? 

anthony duvall says:

nice one dude …

jay elemos says:

nice curtain though

Eric Bongers says:

I noticed you did not do any one arm rows..is tis because the sit down row
does the same thing 

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