Home Gym Equipment (Beginners)

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Just talking bout some simple home gym equipment beginners can use. If you don’t know where to start then this video might help you


Neil Ogley says:

I just got a gym just like this one and I’m looking forward to using it and
love the fact it came with a preacher bench attachment.´╗┐

cestMoi Sandy says:

I am picking up a weider with dual seats today… can not wait to start!
Your video helped ­čÖé and is inspiring to get workin’´╗┐

Djordje Karan says:

Any place where I can find that chart you had on the wall? Or if you still
have it could you send me a pic of it please?´╗┐

Abdi Khalif says:

I’m gonna be buying this or a similar version of It in December, Yet I got
to say (You had me laughing during the video with all the comments).
Example “I out grown this”, “I use It from time to time”, “I took out all
the washers”, and etc (only reason I found It so humorous is cuz you
sounded like (Mr. Universe) or someone of that nature.

Still nice video and thank you for explaining how to actually use it ´╗┐

AffectedRyan says:

Just got the xr 30 and I was wondering what washers you took out from where
on the unit. It works great for me as is for now but I might need to do
that later. Thanks in advance!´╗┐

cestMoi Sandy says:

Thanks for a wonderful video! Very clear!´╗┐

Alex Dastnai says:

Is the chest fly adjustable to where you can work out the rear detltoids? ´╗┐

Amanda Gates says:

Thanks for the Video, I’ve been a stay at home mom for 14 years and dont
get out much. I bought an XR50 to rebuild some upper body strength. I knew
most of the exercises already but the video really helped me learn what
else i can do with my machine.´╗┐

Sam John says:

Hello! I have been using my repco multy gym for a few months now and it
just snapped! I have read then when bulking or using heavier weights, some
cables do not support those weights is that true? How long should a weight
machine last? and which cable should I buy to replace it? thanks!´╗┐

Tina Barker-Dinsmore says:

Where did you purchase this decline Golds bench? I do some in home training
and this may be feasible for what I need..thanks!´╗┐

Invis Ible says:

so helpful..thank you´╗┐

Michael Mardis says:

Thanks to you I now understand how to use a home gym I recently picked up
at a garage sale. I got the Power System 2000 for $200, but couldn’t
figure out what a few of the things on it were for. Now I understand.´╗┐

Bruce Wayne says:

kevin hart before he was famous??´╗┐

dagr8boorah says:

Great video dude…´╗┐

lockoshamface says:

No need to say things like your a beginner, youve a great physique and a
nice guy, don’t be nervous, thanks for the vid´╗┐

Mitchall Smith says:

great video. lookin to get one like this soon, startin out. thanks bro´╗┐

I like Bacon says:

dude you have a good looking bicep muscles but I feel like I need to put
more mass for that ­čśÇ ´╗┐

warren smith says:

Good video, Few things i didn’t know i could do. But i left watching this
video with one question that you didn’t answer! Is this machines for
beginners? And have you taken any washers out? lol´╗┐

awsomeman746 says:

How are u a beginner u have big ass muscles´╗┐

Odat says:

Thanks for the tips Kevin Hart.´╗┐

lineartechbd1600 says:

I have assembled tons of these cable gyms and I can tell you for a fact
that cheap equipment turns people off to working out. I suggest that
instead of buying new weider or proform junk, buy a used body-solid gym
such as the exm2500 or exm3000 and use that. I bought a $1200 dollar
exm2500 for $250 in like new shape and bought a $3000 exm3000 for $150.
Never buy a cable gym with plastic covered weight plates, those are very
cheap systems.

cheap gyms flex a lot. Good gyms barely flex.´╗┐

Stephen Bancroft says:

Looking at getting something like this, and your video was really helpful..

Total Lawn Service says:

I’m a beginner but I do 100 pound dumbbells on fly and press´╗┐

snailman44 says:

Good review Mark but honestly bro that XRS30 by golds really is pure junk
imho. If anyone is seriously thinking of buying a home gym i highly advise
getting something like the powertec leverage or multi gym. You can get this
stuff at very affordable price’s on place’s like craigslist. You will
never outgrow that equipment. Check out video’s from Lee Priest using it.
You will thank me later.´╗┐

jake Winnett says:

good video man helped me a lot keep it up´╗┐

Gabriel Garcia says:

Thanks Man I got WiederPro 6900´╗┐

Russell Brauer says:

Good shit bro, thanks for the info´╗┐

Emmanuel Moochet says:

One more thing I really want to say u said u r beginer ,but for me u r
not…… u r professional bro´╗┐

danielhealing1 says:

+Francis Edem yes it will help you:-) ´╗┐

paola olivera says:
Francis Edem says:

I was wondering if you knew about the gorilla sports universal workstation
multi gym? I saw it and liked it. I want to develop my chest, shoulder,
biceps and arm as well as my abs and my legs. I contacted the company
asking if the multi gym could help me with that they said yes, but I feel
they might be a bit bias. ´╗┐

Murray Ali says:

That helped much! Thanks sir!´╗┐

The Band of Brotherhood says:

Good video´╗┐

Emmanuel Moochet says:

I ordered it rightaway after I watched ur videio …..thanks for a nice

jay lee says:

Will that get me bulk up a lil bit´╗┐

Mathew Maltzoff says:

how old is this guy?´╗┐

Nelson Rodriguez Marrero says:

Thanks :)´╗┐

Elisha Buddhacharya says:

If you are looking to bulk up, you should look up on Google “Xraggy Muscle
Max”. They can help you get the body you deserve.´╗┐

Stephane Cyprien says:

which is on the video?´╗┐

Green Studios says:

Home Gym Equipment (Beginners)

Guyromel dumorne says:
Big Ox says:

Nice video, but that golds gym machine has a very small stack on it.
usually each block weights about 10lbs. I have a maximuscle machine that
has a stack 3 times the size of the golds gym and mine only weighs 66kg all
in. Just before people go and buy golds gym because of the name look at how
big the stack is and how long it will last before you need more weight.

Chet Rogers says:

Great video. I am thinking of buying the XR 45

fco242 says:

great vid. thx for posting.

tillallareoneluv says:

Great video man. I’m sure it will help many people. I must say that I see
this type of equipment for sale all the time on craigslist. Don’t pay over
150 dollars for one of these.

slipknoterman says:

hey man, did you get at the level youre at this vid just by workin out in
your home gym?

Benny says:

How do you add more resistance? Which washers did u change out?

kandasamy umakanthan says:

Thanks for dat mate.

Vuyo Sigonyela says:

I am in South Africa man still a newbie in gym. I appreciate what you’re
doing man. You are a good inspiration. But I can’t bulk on muscles though
because my doc told me I have high cholesterol and thus can’t take in too
much protein, because it comes with high cholesterol staff. Otherwise I am
going to follow you man. God bless you

Walter Pike says:

Gold’s Gym XR45 Home Gym VS Gold’s Gym Platinum System II

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