Home Gym Leg Workout

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This is a video request from one of my Total Fitness Bodybuilding Coaching Students. He workouts out at home and wanted to know some good leg exercises that he could do at home without much equipment.

Bodylastics Heavy Duty Resistance Bands / Exercise Bands allow you to do over 140 of the best muscle building exercises, on your own terms…anywhere…anytime. They are a fantastic addition to any home gym.

In this video you’ll see some lower body leg exercises that you can do using the Bodylastic Bands. These bands go up to over 400 pounds in tension so they are strong enough for pretty much anyone to get a killer muscle pumping workout at home.

In this workout we did:
– Single Leg Extensions for the quadriceps
– Single Leg Curls for the hamstrings
– Rubber Band Good Mornings for the hamstrings and glutes

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Ken Kane says:

You can also take the two orange bands with the ankle straps wrapped around
a dowel attach the bands to whatever, put the dowel behind your knees and
do sissy squats, just keep your toes up. It really works well.

Jeremiah T says:

… and just pray someone doesn’t open the door and rip your leg off!

papasitoman says:

I like the way you say “hard” hurrrd! ;)

Malik Oxford says:

Thanks Lee. I actually have access to a gym on my compound but with a
newborn I need to be in the house. Most of my workouts are at home. I use
kettle bells for squats and lunges with a weighted vest. Sissy squats too.
This is a great addition to my leg regiment. Great stuff. 

Jay Espitia says:

lee your almost at 100k subs! i guaranty you will get there before the year
ends. love all your videos! 

Angel Solorio says:

good idea bro :)

Frank U. says:

why didn’t you mention (weighted)Lunges – I just did 2×16 today and my
hamstrings, glutes and inner tights are probably going to have 3-4 days of
doms ;)

4gametv says:

Did I just watch a 5 min commercial??
Oh well ill buy them :)

dës.MIMT ch.9 says:

For the Leg Extensions I would run the band underneath the chair. Great
Video thanks for posting. 

Pacey Plodder says:

Great vid Lee. I’ve used bands for years as a handy back up when ever I go
on holiday or I am a way from home. They’re so travel friendly and all you
need is a room with a door or a tree in the park!

Dr Hima says:

Your workout is my Warmup !

dmp1712 says:

Lee thanks so much for this video! I was so over the squats and lunges, I’m
definitely trying these exercises out. You’re the best!

mastio2007 says:

Yes lounges with a bosu ball its a good idea to reinforce the tendons too
….and believe me if you looking to reinforce the tendons there is very
few out there….tendons workout its the “real deal ” but nobody want to
talk about because its not an easy topic; once you strong in your tendons
you’ll be very strong overall.

Rashid Albeshri says:

Thanks coach!!!

Rashid Albeshri says:

Thanks coach!!!

JMSB92 says:

pistols to failure
sry4my english

Fasted Sith says:

Being limited to training at home sucks man especially if you ain’t got a
beast gym.

Airbornerock says:

Calf raises to the max

suman lama says:

check out my utube video

Exodio TV says:

Hello Lee i`m interested to know after i take any supplements (Aminos,Whey
Protein,Kre-Alkalyn etc.) should i have any brake after taking them for
moths and if so how long should it be. Keep going with the great videos

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