Home Gym Motivation Tips

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Kyle Battis and John Sifferman show you a home gym with motivating quotes, posters, and magazine clippings.


Ste .L says:

A cruise is the ultimate motivator for me, everyone should just book a
cruise in the beginning of summer. Dimas!

The Creature Works says:

@txteabagger you’re the one with the name “teabagger” how homoerotic is
that? He is using the pictures as a visual motivator, to focus on his
personal goals.

Wilmott1992 says:

man, illd love to have my own basement

tombuffery says:

Im just about to set up my own home gym. I am huge on mma and attend two
classes a week (it used to be three but it clashes with work) At the moment
im thinking of buying a bench with leg extesion built on and the barbell
holder on, a 95kg barbell set, two dumbells, a 5ft heavy bag, lots of
matting for ground work and a hydrualic rowing machine. I figured i can run
round the block instead of a treadmill. I have a big garden space but
limited inside space for the gym (345cm by 485cm. any ideas?

txteabagger says:

do your friends ever call you a homo cuz of all the dude pictures on the

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