Home Gym: Must Have Equipment

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For a home gym, these are the must have equipment to get you started. If you can afford these pieces of equipment you have all your home gym needs. For a beginner I recommend to get at least a pull up bar and dumbbells, because then you can work out your entire body properly.

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Links to the equipment that I have. Note that this video is NOT a product endorsement video. I do not get paid for the video. All equipment shown was bought at various websites and I give an honest personal review on them.

Dumbbells: http://www.fitness-seller.nl/dumbellstang-schroefdraad-45-cm/
Barbell: http://www.fitness-seller.nl/standaard-halterstang-167-cm/
Weight Plates: http://www.fitness-seller.nl/gewichten/halterschijven/30-mm-halterschijven/
Pull Up bar: http://gorillasports.nl/deal/1849/optrekstang-wandmontage
Adjustable Bench: http://www.helisports.nl/benches/PowerMark-328-Verstelbare-Bank.html
Squat Rack / Dip Station: http://www.helisports.nl/squat-en-press-racks/PowerMark-315-Squat-Rack.html

— Disclaimer: Consult a physician or other medical specialist before starting a (new) workout regime. You are responsible for your own health. I am not responsible for any kind of injury or problems you might get following the usage of the information given in this video. This video is meant for educational purposes. It cannot be used as a replacement for professional guidance. Always starts your workout with a proper warm up! —


Leocesar 3D says:

Flying dutchman!

Riadh Gfx says:

yo +jeromefitess whats ur max bench bro ???? thanx

Kasper de Haas says:

Ben je Nederlands? Was me nooit opgevallen, en ik kijk al heel lang je
video’s! XD

Joel Hiemstra says:

HAHA! i know what you mean with the mailman!, i ordered 35kg dumbbells 2
months ago and he had to make 2 trips to get them to my door, then i
ordered a 50kg barbell a few weeks ago and they actually had me get it out
of the car… mad funny! Now all i need is a dipping station so thanks

Robert Jackson jr says:

just made a comment on another videos nvm i found your video! lmao
awesome! subscribing now.!


Great post do they deliver in the us?

erik wahl says:

Have everything but after moving my pull up bar is lieing on the floor. Has
my gym in my room now an don´t want to damage the walls dont know if i´ll
be staying for long. No i use my barbel in the squat rack and do L pullups
and tucked oull ups. Works okay but kind of limiting.

Great video with a bit of humor as usual.

Ange Laine says:

This was so helpful! thank you so much :)

djaprildirty says:

You’re awesome man

captainfalldown says:

Vraag voor je: Is there a good/reasonable substitute for pullups if all you
have available are dumbbells (I use a gym at my apartment), there is a lat
pulldown machine available as well, but I do not use machine’s if I can
avoid it. Dankje!

Joel Hiemstra says:

Jerome, where do i get dipping bars for 50,-?

SLASHERamc says:

LMAO >.< I remember the mail man when he delivered my workout bench, he was not happy.

privateparadox says:

Hey dude please reply, I have been watching your workout videos lately, and
they are awesome. My progress physically has rapidly increased and I have
decided its now time to take it farther. On the links in the description,
is there anyway I can turn the links to English because I would really like
to get a barbell and thats the cheapest one I’ve seen so far, God bless and
carry on with the videos.

ADamPig1 says:

‘Everything you can do with a barbell you can do with dumbbells’ – can’t do
shoulder side laterals, sure there’s more..

papasitoman says:

I’d recommend a good sandbag as well. You can drop it, throw it, flip it
etc and it won’t cause damage or hurt you. 

La Resistance says:

Hey, kun je ook goeie Decline bench presses doen met dat bankje?
Ik zoek nog steeds een bankje daarvoor en op de foto´s zie ik alleen dat ie
of helemaal plat kan of omhoog.

Diaphanous Rex says:

Awesome, I have all these things.

Tom Booker says:

Brilliant video, very informative! :D

Mario Doria M. says:

tomando ideas

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