Home Gym – NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training Jeana and Maggie 6-29-10

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Maggie after two weeks training NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with no prior training.

Warm up.
Drills (review of week two).
1 Knee on belly Armbar
2 Knee on belly farside Armbar
3 Armbar from guard to defending arm Armbar
4 Americana to Armbar from mount to Gogoplata from mount.
5 Armbar from guard to Omoplata to Triangle from guard back to Armbar from guard
6 Sweep from guard to rolling Triangle from mount to Triangle / Kimura
7 Triangle / Kimura from when someone has you in side control
8 Double unders to side control to north south Kimura to Armbar

Rick and Jeana joined and started training at Bushido Fight Team / Team Jarquin in March 2008. Train Muay Thai with no prior training.

Started Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Bushido Fight Team / Team Jarquin In February 2009.

Bushido Fight Team / Team Jarquin
3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco CA. 94116


Chuck Herrera says:

Two weeks? Good job, I just shared this to all the girls I know that say
BJJ is just for guys.

henklip says:

i like the vid but the music is crap!

hectormiguel05 says:

This are some awesome drills, I’m going to add that to my training! Good
job to the both of you.

pinoypower247 says:

at 3:43, u need to pull the elbow close to her body in order to get the
submission quicker.

hebronsawyers says:

cool vid

Brady Ingram says:

still beast than everrr

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