Home Gym / Outdoor – MMA / Strength And Conditioning Training Jeana Week 4

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Highlights of 3 training sessions. Week 4 Of 8
5-3-10 Home Gym
5-5-10 Outdorr Park
5-7-10 Home Gym

Joined and started training at Bushido Fight Team / Team Jarquin in March 2008. Train Muay Thai with no prior training.

Started Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Bushido Fight Team / Team Jarquin In February 2009.

Bushido Fight Team / Team Jarquin
3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco CA. 94116


shadoe311 says:

If I ever make you mad, remind me to just apologise and walk off
quietly…. NICE workout!

dave gomez says:

awesome equipment, thats a badass home setup!

chazannarino says:

i love the video plz make more i am trying to find ways to train my self at
home!! i need ideas !!

yojimbo821 says:


bryan clark says:

good video… ive been training people for about 8 years, i just not becam
smart enough to start my own home gym lol fitness and mma

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