Homemade Weightlifting Equipment – Cheap Home Gym Fitness Training

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I just began exercising regularly again and I thought some of you might be interested in some inexpensive ways to get in a workout at home. This is only a portion of my homemade fitness equipment, so I’ll probably do a part 2 to this video at some point. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for watching!

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John Smith says:

I like your bench press solution with the chain.

Soldier of Ireland says:

This is incredible! You’re an intelligent and creative fella! 

Bunthan Kong says:

hey come and diy my place lol…….

Nick Paulsen says:

Well.. I can see the stuff i make is a lot better then. And i havent spend
anything to make it. But anyhow. Still like it. Primitive, but effektive. !

xxLeCurexx says:

To the man cave!

Armed Society says:

Homemade and cheap is the way to go!

Andy Alcaide says:

fucking amazing bro shit do my place i need one ahha

timshel Leo says:

Thanks Bro,
That’s some pretty good ideas I’m going to use in my home made gym.

THEREALtrappajohn says:


Neill Wylie says:

great job on the weightlosss. I had a gym like this when I was 16 and 17.
Best gym ever.

Chris W says:

good job and creative ok

Jonathan Nguyen says:

thanks alot for sharing brother! looks good! im gonna make my home gym

Dewayne shoots says:

Better then nothing 

jackel142 says:

that’s a very smart way to save money and get healthy. thanks for sharing!
all the lazy and fat asses disliked this video.. get off the couch and do
something with your lives dumb asses!

seanji24 says:

awesome vid! love your improvisation with the material you have :)

Eabama says:

Nice set up. Next step is using it…

Rodrigo Mendoza Walker says:

Grass roots- rockys basement style gym like it alot and no gym cretins sat
on the bench and hogging equipment staring into their i phones to put up
with.. good set up ..

GreenAlexPower says:

can u make a video for the bench ? how to make it?

ed3432 says:

You’re my hero. Ingenious and inventive. Get your swolle on.

billytheweasel says:

Dude, you’re missing out on an oportunity to spend thousands of dollars…
You commie! LOL
Good work, American ingenuity. *liked*
A pull up bar would be easy-peazy for a guy like you.

drazen benjak says:

nice work man :)

bennydman666 says:

Working with what you have and what you can make. Respect for that. 

HookkuX says:

Damn dude are you the batman?

Josh I says:

good video, sweet guy

ChazakUP! says:

I just subscribed to ur page man. Love all the homemade stuff. mine is
homemade too. I took thinner pvc pipe and cut it and used for handles on
rope like u did and them floor type pullups is how i learned to do regular
pullups after 3 weeks. I remember i couldnt do even 1 pullup in jan of
2012. I am now training for 1 arm pullups after doing weighted pullups the
past year.. Keep them cool videos coming man

Jason Parham says:

“You know, you just make do with what you got.” <-- You may just be the King of people who make do with what they got. Impressive stuff my man. Props.

Freddie Mills says:

Nice job

Koalten J says:

Haha… It’s awesomely brave to squat in jeans.

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