How to Set Up a Kick Ass Home Gym (Beginner to Advanced)

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Having a home gym ROCKS! For many trainees a home gym has distinct advantages over going to a commercial gym. You just need to evaluate the space you have available… would you use your basement, garage, shed, spare room, or even your bedroom? Or just train at the park outside?

Quite often people will be on a budget when they first set up some home training accessories, and over time they build from the basics. I see it as different levels of Home Gym Evolution… this video describes 4 Levels:

1. Bodyweight & Bands Basics
2. Free Weights (basic to advanced options)
3. Cable Pulley Machines
4. Training Accessories (Belts, wraps, straps, chains, handles, chalk, etc)

In this tutorial I take you on a tour of my own basement gym and show you what I recommend as far as the bare essentials for setting up your own home gym: Mat, Ball, Bands, Suspension Straps, Chin Up bar, and maybe Parallel Dip Bars.

Then I take a look at how I would build from there for a more advanced home gym: Olympic free weight barbell set, bench, rack, dumbbells, other accessories and equipment.

Home Gym Set Up (SttB Article):
Get your Power Wheel at:
Jungle Gym Straps:
Other accessories:

Btw, I also have equipment in my garage… Garage gym: atlas stone, steel log, sled, farmers walk handles, Olympic plates, 650 lb Tire (my baby tire… big one is in storage).

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Top Form Fitness says:

+Bridger Spearing Got the jigsaw floor mats at Home Depot, and got the 4×6
black heavy duty gym mats used at a gym resale store.

ALBYx55 says:

I would just by adjustable bowflex dumbbells

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

Lol I like this guy

MrGeylani says:

you forgot the mirror ;D

Predrag Markovic says:

Nice work man, also my home gym is finally finished! Check out makeover
video here:
Gym Project

andrew schrodinger says:

and theres never any line ups :)

ChicagoCFH says:

Great video! I’m looking into power racks right now and am eyeing up the
Body Solid. Do you like it? good and sturdy? is the cable system smooth and
high quality as well? thanks man! appreciate your input on this major

farqueue132 says:

Damn you have a lot of shit! Olympic weights, a cage and bench would be all
I’d recommend to someone starting out.

Top Form Fitness says:

+mtbkbmt Check out treadmill factory, Rogue Fitness, New York Barbell…
usually it’s called a Landmine. Good luck!

Anton Nyssen says:

picture of arnold a must

ALBYx55 says:

I thought about this but I like the environment of public gyms.

Bridger Spearing says:

I gotta ask, where did you get the floor mats?

anindya chakraborty says:

How big room do I need to set up exactly gym like this?

Ted Dibiase says:

Best part of home gym. Training with your shirt off. 

Greg Benson says:

Awesome gym and video thanks for sharing

Lorenzo413 says:

where did you find the cable attachment for the back of the power rack?


jajajajaj the most importa thing a pic of arnold xD pretty good video :)

mmafrankie23 says:

I have all this 65kg dumbells, power rack, over 300kg of strenghtshop
weight plates the only thing Is Its all over my house I have my power rack
In my kitchen but need to buy some sort of gym shed? what would you
recommend a metal or wooden shed? do you now any uk websites? please reply

Sam John says:

Just wondering if anyone could instruct me on how to set up a repco multi
gym? My cable just snapped the other day and I was wondering what are the
possible reasons for it to snap? thanks!

BrokenTurd187 says:

May i ask what you do for a living?

Raphael Angelo Mella says:

Great video, brah! But don’t you think dumbells rather than barbells would
be more versatile if you were just starting out? In your opinion, which
three pieces of equipment would be most essential to a home gym? 

Nelson Molina says:

Great home gym. Mine has been slowly growing. I have been looking for
something to do dips on and luckily I came across your video. Where can I
get the dip attachment at a good price? 

Curt Gullin says:

No training without a a picture of Arnold!

mementorequiem says:

Haha, what’s most important… have a picture of Arnold!! :)

miguel andres morales duran says:

great suggestions

hawkboyutube says:

Cool video partner, I gotta gotta gotta know, where did you score the dip
handles? Those would be perfect for my setup.

Top Form Fitness says:

How to set up a home gym… a tour of my basement gym!

psyxex says:

Very nice home gym man!. I would love to be able to buy that much stuff to
build one of my own.. unfortunately I live in Argentina and things here are
expensive as hell, so I have to find some other way to get the equipment…
maybe making my own or something!. Saludos!

John Sanderson says:

Great video!

Hanksta Muscle says:

Check out my home gym on my channel.

Top Form Fitness says:

How to Set up Your Own Home Gym… from the beginner basics to the advanced
training essentials!

raunywiks says:

5:30 It´s Vicking

TheBBallEnthusiast says:

Loved the video! Quick question about those squat stands. I’m on a limited
budget and space so all I can really get are the squat stands. Comparing
the squat stands to a power/squat rack (no pulley system), how effective
are the stands when it comes to versatility of exercises? I can’t really
think of a difference. 

MrThepwnstar says:

Chalk is calcium carbonate not magnesium carbonate

wBryang says:

Nice set up. At 3:39 in your video, you can see one end of your bar slipped
into an accessory for doing lat rows. Mind if I ask where you found
that? If you’re interested, here’s a link to my home gym.

Vimal Shrivastav says:

thanks !!!!

Jolita Brilliant says:


scooteroreo1 says:

Thanks for the return comment. Your abs look great by the way.

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