Lee Priest home gym training Jan 27 2010 part 1 of 3

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Lee gives us a sneak preview of what he has in store for us later this year. Shot by wife Warate with her iPhone.


Angelo Pietrosanti says:

i really like the song in the background.

rascalMatt17 says:

@ryuouji Not this culture numb nuts

b1naryd1g1t5 says:

forearm God.

Ron Harris says:

At least learn how to spell STEROID correctly, genius.

ryuouji says:

@rascalMatt17 Too bad you didn’t die.

powerlifted says:

@jimmybro001 Probably ive never been, can i come stay with you?

bluedragon170169 says:

what is that noise in the backgound was it music or noise

rascalMatt17 says:

@sltleovyed820 I always enjoyed how outspoken Lee was when he was
competing. He did just about everything he could have done with his
physique. He had no problem giving the judges or other competitors a piece
of his mind. I always enjoyed reading his interviews before and after the

Steven Lloyd says:

@rascalMatt17 i don’t want a face tattoo. but why hate someone because they
do? it’s just stupid

Blaze Nikolovski says:

Crazy clip. Fine movie clip. My older brother was formerly a fat. He
revitalized himself from 284 lbs of fat to 218 lbs of absolute lean muscle
mass. I couldn’t believe it! I just registered personally as I wanna beef
up. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

theripper7675 says:

lee its called metal music, check into it

Al Garlough says:

I’m cheering for you Lee, kick some ass this year in the 202….bin a huge
fan for years and would like to thank you for all the motivation, usually
watch one of your videos before every workout

jimmybro001 says:

@powerlifted Why not

jim beatrice says:

@PariahScary takes too much away from how massive he is, and wonder why he
did it and what it represents to him… but in the end, his choice.

lerri deguzman says:

lee is numero uno!

powerlifted says:

@HatBlack777 here ill put a F in fuck you lol

Adam Rose says:

His arms are still SICK! Yeah Buddy!

dik fransman says:

aaaaa, what a shame priest, a tattoo on youre face, but is youre choise yes
so, it is that way.

Steven Lloyd says:

@dailyplanet38 good comment!

ryuouji says:

@rascalMatt17 So, you took film classes, you played in some little high
school band, and now you’re a bodybuilder. You just know everything about
life, don’t you?

ryuouji says:

@rascalMatt17 You are so fucking stupid. YouTube is a place for people to
upload videos of whatever they want, including themselves. It has nothing
to do with attention. I’m done arguing with you because you’re a
self-righteous little faggot who thinks he’s right all the time. For a
“humble” person you sure do like to talk down to others and criticize the
things they do or say. Have a nice life. By the way, I could easily kick
your fucking ass.

QuakeLiveDemo says:

what is eh training his chest?

dailyplanet38 says:

@sltleovyed820 You know what ur right i give all the pro`s respect they
deserve and should never have said shit like that..Its a tough life and
know how hard it is to make it in this business..All the respect to Lee and
the others for making it to the top..Peace

Steven Lloyd says:

@rascalMatt17 get a clue? listen bud, if someone does something that isn’t
hurting anyone, why complain about it?

ryuouji says:

@rascalMatt17 Oh, so you’re saying the other cultures that DO are inferior,

HatBlack777 says:

@powerlifted I’ll put a capital “O” in Oatmeal for you. Just kidding lol!!

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