Lee Priest home gym training Jan 27 2010 part 2 of 3

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Part 2 –



ahahha rambo

bigtonutz says:

go lee!!

fc3chris says:

no less, i think he started at 240 before he began this preparation for a
return. he should be less than 230….. but i dont know how much

fc3chris says:

about time!! how much is lee weighing now??

George Syrimis says:

@badcanadian That music was in Rambo, respect the guy

Helios601 says:

A vertical one arm DB row? theres no angle in it atall lol bodybuilders
know nothing about proper training……the irony!

SinisterSkip says:

For Lee Priest’s frame, I think he can hardly get any bigger. Where quite a
few taller guys lack underarms of calves, Lee Priest has both of those as
big as it gets. He may be shorter, but he still has the measurements of the
tall guys when it comes to arms/legs. Having limbs as thick as the tall
guys, the shorter versions, make them (proportionally) look even bigger 🙂
Lee Priest for the win. One of the few bodybuilders who always uses
controlled movement and proper form. No jerking crap.

badcanadian says:

What the fuck is with that music????

Jank143 says:

his arms are the size of legs

MonkeyParts92 says:

i’m gonna be there some day! i’m not gonna let anything stop me!

zicr says:

230 I Think


great job lee, you’re a beast!

kksmete says:

bu adamın eni boyundan geniş aq

BrickhouseB2 says:

I love Lee! He’s one of the best bodybuilders ever! In every Olympia or
Arnold he’s been in, he should have placed AT LEAST 2 spots higher than he
has…he always gets screwed! He has the best arms around, always shows up
in great condition with terrific posing routines! I’ll say this
though…his musical tastes lean towards the cheesy side. Still, ya gotta
love the straight-talking s.o.b.!

badcanadian says:

@GMScorpion Well friendo, I would say that makes Rambo pretty faggy too.

abodigibine69 says:

i was just about too call bullshit on your statement, but then i remembered
that hes short as haha. but. awesome body

harrew says:

lee has to be the stockiest person i have ever seen lol


the man is back,the best bodybuilder

Ron Harris says:

It is ironic that those who know the MOST about proper training usually
have the LEAST amount of muscle to show for it, isn’t it??

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