Lee Priest home gym training Jan 27 2010 part 3 of 3

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part 3


eduandresillo says:

Lee Priest se desgarro el biceps izquierdo , esperemos au buena

gymboy99 says:

202 is lees divison

Dejeep84 says:

Priest is the fuckin man……….GAME OVER!

Damnationization says:

I like Lee, but the music sucks and the tat isn’t so good eighter.

badcanadian says:

I have to ask, what is with that music?

fc3chris says:

if he does the 202……. hands down no one come close. NO ONE!!

jason hurley says:

you go cuz love the guns

BrickhouseB2 says:

LOL! He’s the best!

sam hendo says:

Nice to see you back Lee, your a legend… after Arnold ofcourse.. hehe –
Im trying to make my break back into it, as ive been out 3 years watching
your material helps improve and motivate me – thanks glad to see your doing
202 – nice n easy for you hehe 🙂 good luck

joe19882009 says:

sounded like cribs at the end

natazer says:

that’s the dumbest tattoo, lame

chursthouse says:

hahaha, good old lee priest… ‘ now fuck off ‘ classic.

qfina says:

good to see some new vid, keep em coming Lee!

hotboi28 says:

Hope he competes again. Been awhile. I give him top 4-5 at the Mr. Olympia
this year. Ray “J”

sam hendo says:

mini beast! 🙂 good luck this year

fearandloathinginNY says:

His arms are bigger than my legs.

Aaron Aramini says:

‘now fuck off’ LOOOOL.

legonds says:

go powertec 🙂

Sanny115 says:

best bodybiulder and best character

Jorge Marquez says:

you was the best, sorry, like a tatoo, did one and not more, bye to the best

steroidsR4cheaters says:

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