Lee Priest Talks Home Weight Training

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Bodybuilding Legend Lee Priest talks about home weight training. In 2002 he trained for, and won, the San Francisco Pro Grand Prix in his home gym.

At the time he was sponsored by Powertec, so he built a gym and did all his weight workouts on their gym equipment.

Just goes to show you can build a world class physique in your home gym.

Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Accessory – http://samsfitness.com.au/Lat-Tower-Accessory

Sam’s Fitness – http://samsfitness.com.au/


Lance Skinner says:

Lee is right for the most part BUT a good training partner who is on the
same page goes a very long way. Intensity is going to be higher and a
little competition will get you more reps. I’m lucky enough to have a
partner that is like training with myself on a good day and we are
absolutely beat to hell at the end. So yes, a home gym can get you in shape
but the right partner will make even more improvements.

bowenblanket says:

Lee is right. I bought a smith machine this summer which gives me more
options. Before that all i had was a bench, barbell/dumbbells and weights.
It didnt stop me having excellent workouts.

Mark Navarro says:

Lee is right. I started at the gym and working out at 24 ,5 days a week for
years. Recently had twins so I had to cut my gym time and make my one car
garage into a gym. I have improved my strength ,gained more muscle and
defitnition at home by dramatically cutting my resting time which is hard
to do at the gym due to everyone hogging equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I
love the gym,still go maybe 3 times a month and love the social aspect of
it which what it actually is, a big social club. It is not cheap to get
equipment, so use Craigslist and be patient. I’m aiming for the ironmaster
2000 next which lee endorses soo much. Thanks lee for the videos, you are a
genuinely funny dude.

Bofers Daz says:

I’ve got the Lever Gym and a set of Bowflex dumbbells. Has anyone got a
decent programme for the Gym and dumbbells.


EtherealAesthetic says:

he’s right. i fucken love my powertech workbench and lat tower set up. can
even do shrugs using the weight plate stack.

undergroundbasement says:

Lee was spot on about bare minimum equipment and being able to get results
with it. All I have is a Powertec Utility Bench ( WB-UB-13 ) with the leg
ext / leg curl attachment, a plateloaded PARABODY high-low Lat Machine with
various bars,ropes, handles, and a Fitness Gear 45 Degree Hyperextension
that also doubles as a standing Preacher Curl when extended to the top
position. I didn’t have room for a standalone Chin Tower so I bought a
Perfect Pull Up for the doorway and ordered the Perfect Dip attachment and
the elbow Ab straps.

With only about 260 lbs of standard plates and 335 lbs of Olympic plates,
with various bars and multiple adjustable DB handles, that’s it. Thoracic
and lumbar is messed up from multiple bulging discs and I can’t do barbell
squats for pain issues but substitute with a padded dip belt doing Hip Belt
Squats off 2 – 12 inch tall homemade wooden foot support stands. Dip belt
has had up to 230 lbs on it for the last 2 years and is still in good
shape. I also use the dip belt for weighted Donkey Calf Raises.

Never have liked treadmills or ellipticals for cardio but have an 80 lb
Everlast bag and double-end ball hanging outside for cardio and use them
every other day.

victorrod9669 says:

these are good cause you can have these in payments i want the squat with
bench and the multi system

bowenblanket says:

you don’t need lots of space, money, or high-tec equipment to train at
home. as tom says, you can have the very basics like a brabell, bench, and
plates and get the best results.

charles christian says:

Well said Lee Thanks for Posting SAM

Jean RONE PRETA says:


john johansson says:

welll said lee, home gyms are the best do and train when you want and how
hard you want, squats dead lifts,bench press, dips, shoulder barbell press,
pull ups is all u need. fuck the gym train at home

charles christian says:

Your gains are not modest because of the gym your using more likely
something else is out of whack perhaps you’re not eating or resting
enough… The body doesn’t know where your lifting only the mind knows…
The powertec equipment is as serious as the owner.. Good luck in your

tildenhellgate says:

well of course theyre going to look at you Lee, youre a Mr Olympia
competitor, and got your mug all over you tube.

bandonbeachbum says:

That’s not very nice. People who go to a gym are not idiots. Not everyone
wants to train like a serious bodybuilder. The very fact that they are even
at a gym and not pigging out at an IHOP means they are doing something
positive for the day.

supercooled says:

Does anyone think he’s just spewing PR shit? I love Lee’s dedication and
all but it is on Sam’s Fitnesses channel. I am training at home right now
and seeing modest gains but most people like the interaction and want to be
around others.

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment says:

Did you even listen to the video? He trained for the San Fran Pro at home
for 8 months. Why would you set up sick home gym and not use it? You need
to be honest with yourself. If you really love training, you will train
anywhere. There are lot of serious trainers training at home because the
gyms aren’t hardcore anymore.

danny easter says:

u can workout n ur pj’s at home! Make all the fucked up faces too lol..

Roy Toms says:

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eddiebaby22 says:

i totaly agree with everything you said and there are a lot of idots at the
gym, haha that was very funny at the end too

MetalCamelChannel says:

Would train at home. If I had the space and money…

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