Lee’s Full Arm Workout in the New Home Gym

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Full Arm Workout to Pump Up The Biceps & Triceps!

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Hey there, it’s your muscle building coach Lee Hayward in my new home gym… “Hayward’s Hardcore Home Fitness” with a full arm workout for you. This one will pump up those biceps and triceps.

I’m really enjoying training at home, working out when I want to, no distractions, no waiting on equipment, simply focusing on what I want to do. It’s a nice change of pace from the busy commercial gym.

For this workout I did 3 bicep exercises and 3 tricep exercises, working them back to back. Starting with a bicep move, then a tricep move, and another bicep move, etc.

When you are training agonist and antagonist muscle groups it’s a good idea to work them back to back like this because you’ll get a better pump and feel stronger during your workout.

This is the complete bicep and tricep workout routine:
– Standing Barbell Curls – 3 sets of 8-10 reps
– Close Grip Bench Press – 3 sets of 8-10 reps
– Dumbbell Preacher Curls – 3 sets of 10-12 reps
– Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension – 3 sets of 10-12 reps
– Low Pulley Cable Curls – 3 sets of 10-12 reps
– High Pulley Tricep Push Downs – 3 sets of 10-12 reps

*Note: start each exercise with as many lighter warm up sets as you feel you need in order to work up to your top working weight.

If you are looking for a good muscle pumping arm workout to help fill out your shirt sleeves, then give this arm routine a try for yourself and leave me a comment below letting me know how it works for you.

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heat4yoass says:

lovin the 70s porn music

Alex Smith says:

I’ve actually never seen anyone do bicep curls in the squat rack until now

blueparrot989 says:

great workout/info lee! i think your dog wanted to give us some training
advice too here,lol!

jon wil says:

Lee, It seems like a lot of weight for that first bicep set. Had you
warmed the muscle previous to the video or are you just a monster??! LOL 

nuketheworld999 says:

for the 4 day workout schedule can you do exercises for home that contain
dumbells and a bench since a lot of us don’t go to the gym or cant afford
certain equipment for those exercises?

Jonger Vadder says:

What do you think of low reps on arm exercises? +Lee Hayward 

runejelle2 says:

Lee how long have you been lifting ?

electricalron says:

Curling in the squat rack.. def pet peeve of mine. Ha Ha. 

Saw TeeJay says:

I love your vids man, keep it up lee

stat2k says:

by the way: I get a much better pump in my arms when I do compound
upperbody exercises before – let’s say multiple sets of pullups (or
pulldowns) followed by multiple sets of pushups (or bench press). After
that the isolation exercises will pump you much more.

MoreRicePlease says:

Do you only do set of each or what?

Kurai Ryuu says:

Great video but just one question. I have noticed, in this video and in
others, it always seem as if you’re using a light weight? I mean you’re a
guy who looks like he can definitely handle more. Maybe these are your warm
up sets or is training with moderate-light weight better for some exercises

ViiraL Pateel says:

hey lee how you doing? i’ve one question for ya, how often you change your
workout routine..!! b’cuz i change very frequently… i been following you
and see some really helpful tips.. should i take multivitamins or
probiotics, is it really necessary when you do gym?
thx to make this video i’ll try this workout..keep on the good work..!!

Clark Kent says:

Lee, please do a vid of your home gym, i been looking into power racks and
thinking about setting up one at home. i want a rack that i can: squat,
rackpull, bench-press. and if possible maybe one with a cable rig.

i really would like to see ur set up. thanks if you consider it. 

Jayadev Nair says:

Hey Lee I follow ypur most of the videos and found it very helpful…
Sir I am little fat I go to gym for last 4 months and yes I have seen good
improvements I was 107 killos and now I am 92killo guy lost some fats in
4months but there is not vast imrovements in muscle and chest. Some of my
frnds says u shouldn’t use proteins if u r fat.. should I take whey
protein? to build muscles or continue with same…
Eagerly waiting for your reply 

apolanco602 says:

Your dog is not messing around mad ass hell

Pedro Nunez says:

Hey Lee where can i buy a squat rack like yours? I learn alot from watching
your videos thx man. ..

Tehbearz says:

lol Lee is so proud of his home gym

Lightman 3D says:

I had a clic too haha but it’s gone

Zuxu E says:

Lee why do you look so bulky

bro po says:

Hey Lee do have two substitution exercises for low pulley cable curls and
high pulley triceps push downs? Thanks in advanced.

peter goedhart says:

Love the dog haha

Michael Smith says:

I didn’t think of using incline bench for preacher curls, thanks!

yamuiemata says:

The dog is hilarious 

windninja11 says:

What is a good alternative to the low pulley cable curls and tricep
pushdown? I work out at home and only have free weights.

evilmonkey1192 says:

could you do the overhead extension with two DBs at the same time so you
could save time? or is that too dangerous

MoGainz787 says:

Congrats on the new home gym Lee! If I may though, one word of advice since
you will be filming videos in there – you may want to spruce up the decorum
just a bit. Perhaps get a little dungeon gym motif going. The foil and
shitty walls detract from what you’re doing to a certain extent. Keep em’
coming big dog!

Μάνος Καραμάνος says:

If I wanna do preacher curls on something other than a “preacher bench” –
because I don’t have one either 😛 – what height should the make shift
bench kind of thing be ?

stat2k says:

I noticed your elbow leaves the bench for a second when you pull the
dumbell up. Your elbow is probably placed too low on the bench.

Alex Heath says:

do you walk around about 210?

Ankur Dekate says:

Hi, I heard you should not do biceps and triceps on the same day, since
they work on opposing muscle sets. How true is this?

Collin Riley says:

Lee I was wondering if there’s someway to reduce the wrist pain from
workouts. I play hockey, so if I hurt my wrists I’m screwed, but I also
need to be strong for the season

Matt Costis says:

Hey Lee where did you get that squat rack and how much did it cost? I got
to have it.

yobbos1 says:

Great vid Lee. Best workouts of my life have been in my home gym. Preacher
curls on the back of the bench – been doing it for years!

Jon Boy says:

Ditto to Justin. What rack is that?

Azad Hussaini says:

When there is just one squatrack, and you want to squat, and some retard is
doing curls, for like 20 sets, that grinds my gears.

lionofgod9 says:



Nadhir Nasir says:

Hey Lee , can you make a workout/training and tips video for mma fighter

Natasha Reid says:

I love how your dog likes to be center of attention, so cute

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