Lose your belly fat..Insane workout (Advanced)..Abs and Cardio Fat Loss Workout

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This cardio and abs workout shows you a great way on how to lose your belly fat and gain ripped abs. The shortcut to six pack abs! Great workout for both women and men.

01:11 Moutain Climbers
01:42 Elbow to Knee Crunches/ Sit ups
02:28 Burpees
03:14 Side Twists (obliques)
04:33 High Knees
05:00 Lying Floor Leg Raises

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Dylan Carlson says:

thank you, ive done this for a 1 year and a half. I was 315lb, now i’m
167lb, WITH ABS :)

cole_dillan_sprouse@yahoo. com Laurentiu says:

how many seconds for every exercise? how many times you have to repeat each

Allen Lee says:

Are you suppose to do them daily???
or like a certin times a week

Myke T says:

lol. the thumbnail is of a white guy, but the video feature a black guy..
very misleading.. 

Hitler Dolfy says:

I been doing this for 8 months, this have really helped me loose fat….my
only problem is that I drink to much soda

Preetam Sikdar says:

Leg raises are the most difficult ab exercises according to me.. Just gets
to me nerve :/

Tsvetomir Iliev says:

no one is speaking in kilograms, no europeans here?

Parkour2Go says:

Should i do this after my normal workout and such, or is this its own

Ellis St. Croix says:

Ellis St. Croix
1 second ago · Shared publicly

Great workout just hard to beat 2 years of fat just gotta stay motivated
and feel that burn thanks for the great advice one love 

De Gup says:

looks just like the Insanity workout

Asim Dahal says:

why are u dancing man

Carlos Arellano says:

Thanks this helped me a lot have a good day!!

Chadrick Penner says:

I do some of these excerises while Destiny loads. 

ruey dsouza says:

Loved the routine,, hopefully i’ll come back here to pen some improvement
.Right now am 184 lbs. Will back in a month to share my results

Abhijith Komarlu says:

Hi, Can you please tell me what is the diet should be followed in this

Khusi Kama says:

You rock I have six abs

DjBaapreB says:

Nice and effective!

Haruyo Colafate says:

It’s best to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
getting helps from family and friends for weight loss safely.

Dung Nguyen says:

You’re able to lo­se 1­0 p­ounds na­turally in 2 weeks, wit­hout bat­tl­ing
with food cravings

Ksna1954 Chetty says:


Infect zCrv - Back! says:

Really nice video! I’m gonna try this every day hoping to get a bit leaner

vester88 says:

just training your abs will not make you lose your belly fat you can eat
healthy food and train abs but it will not help. You have you train all
your body and do compound exercises and dont skip leg day, and ofc abit of

khanAdrian says:

Love Jack Daniels.

Rohit Tihor says:

hey can u also make a video on burning the fat in the thighes

karl cressey says:

great exercise thanks alot..

Gareth Hughes says:

Great vid great workout ! 

Nik Nikolayev says:

I know a better way of losing all your fat without any excercises. For
super lazy people ever. 

Arjun Cheema says:

thanx man. imma beginner at the age of 12 and this was gr8.

jaival M says:

If I do this everyday. Will I get the result ? 

Allen Dagger says:

By far i follow through the workout , your workout the best ! Thanks for
sharing this video dude , really hope to see a progression in my weight

Louis Bothma says:

Thank you !

Dawid Kotkowski says:

Does anyone know if this works ?

Jean Constantin Kessi says:

Loss Weight it is also about food we eat n drinks…after all wise gym.plz
eat real meals at home n drink water.

Aizen Ninjasaga says:

how meny times sould i do this in a day

Danie Walker says:

I love your accent 

CrazyDave501 says:

little advice leave more info like time of exercise ,rest and how many

Brian Stanley says:

I’m going to try this

culturedSine2gaming says:

These are good but whenever I try to do them I get fucking taken the Mickey
from my bullshit family. 

matt barre says:

can i borrow one pair of shoes ?!

DBZ Warrior says:

if im doing that when i will lost my fat?? 1 2 months?

William Baker says:

This is really insane! Damn, that’s so exhausting. Thanks for sharing this
wonderful workout.

Diyar Said says:

why do you move around so much like you’re making a rap song

Artlo0118 says:

I’m 8 and can do this all day long

Robert Tarango says:
Sergio Martinez says:

How Many Times A Week Do I Do This?

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