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Now then, so as requested here is an unexpectedly long video giving you a tour of my Home Gym setup and going over what everything cost me. It’s long… so as always I add cliffs here in the description box if you don’t wanna watch it all.

My Power Rack is the Body Max CF475 Heavy Rack and cost me £400 / $650.

My Bench is the Body Solid FID Bench and cost me £270 / $420.

My Barbell and Weights are by BodyPower and cost me £320 / $550 for the 7ft 185kg set which I have since added 2 x 20kg plates by Hype for £60 / $95.

Attachments have cost me around £20 / $30 and my Country Power Power Hooks set me back £40 / $60.

My 105kg Olympic Dumbbell Set cost £250 / $390 (I forgot to actually say it in the video… whoops).

My upright cycle is by NordicTrack and is the C7ZL model and cost me £300 / $470.

Flooring and what not cost me about £120 / $180 altogether.

All in setting everything up has cost me around about £1700 / $2700. I must stress this a million times over… THIS CAN BE DONE A HELL OF A LOT CHEAPER.

If you can buy second hand you really should, you will save a fortune. At the time when I bought all this there was just nothing available and I needed most of it straight away as I was planning on cancelling my gym membership as soon as I moved home. If I could have done it second hand I definitely would have to save money.

I’d like to point out that all you really need to have a great home gym setup (and an effective workout) is a barbell, weight plates, a bench, something to do pull ups off, and something to safely spot you when squatting and benching. A full rack is not a necessity – a half rack or just a straight up squat rack with spotter rails will do fine.

All this equipment is by no means the “top end” stuff. So if it was to be done brand new.. buying top end stuff (York, Ivanko) it would have been VERY VERY EXPENSIVE.

For me, the cost is justifiable. As I mention in the video my old gym membership was £22 a month + £5 a week I would spend on parking. £42 a month x 12 is £504 a year. I’ve had this nearly a year so in just over two more years it will be all paid off, I will then have a free means of training / working out for life. No gym membership. No parking fees. No fuel / travel costs… and above all else… NO F*CKTARDS!

Thanks for watching if you did, I hope this answers future questions. I’m going to be doing a video regarding my thoughts on training at home and what are the pro’s and con’s vs training at a commerical / paid gym.

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haydenriggsnz says:

Great set up man !!, but those bloody spring collars are annoying drives me
crazy lol. Enjoyed your video, thanks :-)

GarageGymGains says:

Solid bro!

Adtt says:

Home gyms rock!!! They might be a little expensive in the beginning but you
cant beat the convenience!

John Miller says:

Good review, I see this was done I 2012. I have got the same set up and i
picked mine up a few months ago. I like the plasterboard on the walls. I am
going to start by painting my walls. I will then take it from there just
don’t want to go overboard on it

col4022 says:

Hey Dan how have you attached that bar to the pull up handles so you can do
close grip chin ups. Is it just a piece of pipe of some sort??

steven marriott says:

looks good but seems too fancy and spent a lot of dosh just for somewhere
too train, I train at home but keep it simple bedroom bench bar dumbells
pullup bar and shit load of weight plates do it old school when its summer
the window opens for breeze when its wintor the house heating comes on
plain and simple

wBryang says:

Nice. We have similar ideas in trying to take the “garage” out of our home
gyms. A power rack and weight set are a big expense to get started, but
should be a must for anyone workout out home alone. Without a spotter, the
safety bars allow you to do so much more without holding back that last
rep. Here’s a video of my set up. watch?v=roZdfapNoqo

imthebottomline says:

You from Sheffield? You accent sounds similar to Sean Bean.

1aspecto says:

Where did you get your flooring from? I’m live in the UK and hoping to set
up a garage gym in the next couple of week. Please let me know. Nice work

collie4022 says:

Thanks mate I’ll prob save up a bit more then. Just 1 more quick ?. can u
do effective lat pulldowns on it, there’s no pads on the bench to put ur
thighs under like at the gym. Doesn’t ur body raise up when ur doing heavy

Daniel Browning says:

Awesome gym. Definitely a lot cleaner than mine. I’m glad you made that
vid. I was wondering how you went about doing the dumbbells. I’ve been
wanting to the same thing as I have broken down the cost and it is much
cheaper to buy olympic handles and 5lb weights than getting each pair of
dumbbells, also being more space efficient. great vid!

Dan HomePhysique says:

lol you on that colour blind time huh? There’s another updated version of
this in glorious colour

Dan HomePhysique says:

Hey man sorry only just seen this, all the fucking spam comments covered
you up! 18mm rubber mats will absorb the shock, I prefer the plywood for a
more “solid feel” when standing on it. You want 18mm hardwood ply.

chargrilledcharlie says:

Nice setup mate. Reminds me of the first home gym I had when I lived in
England. I actually built a 16×32 shed to hold it all as I didn’t have a
garage, similar arrangement with heater, radio, fake plants, ceiling fans
etc to make it feel more like a commercial gym. I had that exact same
weight set too. I loved training in that gym 100 times more than any
commercial gym i’ve ever been in. Thought about adding a hip belt to your

Dan HomePhysique says:

I think it is made here so you will be getting the shipping / import fees
on it. It’s like what we have with all American made supplements… They
are crazy cheap is the states but extortionate over here! Thanks for

Desi Strength says:

For real fun read the transcript as the dude speaks 🙂

Dan HomePhysique says:

It could be way cheaper too and way more expensive. I was in a rush to get
set up, just moved house and didn’t fancy a 30 min drive first thing in the
morning to go to my old gym. If could do again I would wait it out and spot
job lots on eBay, old used stuff. You can buy some really top end stuff
too… some racks are in the 1000’s. Fuck that!

Jack RTF says:

Perfect set up!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Have you tried sucking a dick?

MrMeanley says:

OMG!!! that comment was gold hahahaha

lash22 says:

fuck me u spent a lot, you could have saved so much getting stuff 2nd hand

HSGaining says:

Thanks man, but the heaviest thing i do probably on dumbells is chest
press, and i use 22kg on each dumbell, and man ive looked on ebay and they
are alot! Then i need around 60kg weights for my bench press… I suppose
in time i will build it up 🙂

Dan HomePhysique says:

The CF375 is only rated at 180kg, for many people that is a weight that can
be reached for Squats after so long. The CF475 is rated to 360kg… you
will take a long time to lift that with any lift. Looking at the spec of
the pulleys they are both rated to 180kg. Personally I went for the 475
because it’s rated higher, I knew I would out lift 180 before long and it’s
always better to have some tolerance.

Dan HomePhysique says:

I’ve only recently got a second barbell, I may give this a try sometime

Dan HomePhysique says:

Have you heard about the anal blow out method? You basically take a massive
powerful shit and you actually implode and recreate the big bang… (Google
it) (and get fucked whilst you’re at it)

WayoftheDave says:


Dan HomePhysique says:

Yeah I mentioned that in the description! Thing with second hand is you are
limited to what is available at the time, I had moved, had no gym and
needed my home gym fast so I bought what was needed. Also there was little
to nothing available second hand but otherwise yup I’d have bought second

Lower Side says:

how much did it cost you to get the plaster board on your walls did you do
it yourself?

quatie says:

How do you bench, is it easy with the power rack?

collie4022 says:

Ok thx Dan.

Remy Basi says:

sweet setup bro!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Yeah did it all myself. I just bought the boards off eBay, dot and dabbed
the sides and the back wall with the big mirror I put up a frame. I’m not a
plasterer so the finish is shit but we had just moved in the house and I
wanted to start training in their ASAP and I knew if I built the rack first
I would never have done all the walls, would have left it as breeze blocks
– which would be depressing as fuck.

mmafrankie23 says:

Have you not tried using 2 Olympic bars going across the safety bars In
your power rack? works great wide grip dips, narrow dips even incline and
decline dips

col4022 says:

Hey Dan great home gym mate. Have you any idea what the bodymax cf375 rack
is like, it’s just that the one you have is a bit out of my price range but
the cf375 is affordable for me. I just don’t want to buy a lemon lol. Was a
bit worried about the quality of the pulley system on the cf375 as it’s
£150 cheaper than the cf475. thanks buddy.

HSGaining says:

Excellent, my budget is 400 pound -.-

Mungop389 says:

hey i’m planning my home gym right now and i’m stuck on the floor, i’m
thinking about getting 18mm rubber mats, do you think i should get the
plywood underneath? what effect does it have? and did you get hard or soft

Desi Strength says:

But great Videos bro..I have already subscribed to your channel…I follow
a similar kind of routine more or less but you are obviously much more
stronger and leaner…I workout alone as well in my Office facility most
of the times which suck(have uploaded some videos as well)…but your
videos will motivate me to stick to it and progress with my weight
training.. current Bench :80 kgs(6) Current Squat : low bar, parallel
125(2), High Bar ATG, 95(5) Current Deadlift: 160(2) cheers..

WayoftheDave says:

That awkward moment when Dan goes to sleep one night, and wakes up the next
day to find very similar looking setup on one of my videos 😀 Great home
gym you’ve got there though. One thing i miss about the gym is cable rows,
but you’ve got them covered.

Ictiger91 says:

Nice video

Dan HomePhysique says:

It doesn’t but I made some out of wood. You can see me using them on my
pull day videos (mostly)

brumylee says:

Hey buddy can i ask does the lat attachment have a foot rest when your
doing low pully rows ? thanks

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