Rekindling The Training Fire and Staying Motivated in a Home Gym

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Dan HomePhysique says:

+ninehoursTV flattered that you think I’m the best :3

Cheers for the tip, probably does as lost my lens cap and also chalk tends
to work it’s way into the body from time to time.

CanditoTrainingHQ says:

Great video! For some reason a lot of people don’t actually have a clear
goal. I think one of the causes for this is that people don’t want to
admit they care about something they don’t have. Convincing yourself
something isn’t a goal can be used as a tool to justify a weakness rather
than having to address it. 

TheOriginalCP9 says:

You remind me of a British CM Punk.

Haroon A says:

I’m not injured but I think I understand how you’re feeling. Based on my
low weight and low height a 225 bench, 315 squat and 315 deadlift for 5
reps are all between “advanced” and “elite” based on strength calculators.
Yet most of the guys I follow on YouTube can do all that easily. It sucks,
it hurts, to want something you can’t have and that there’s nothing you can
do to change it.

James Holdat says:

i remember when you would get ugly looks if you used the bench at the gym
and didn’t have at least 45s on it. 130 press and a 250 pull isn’t strong.
not for males. so not trying to be a dick, but maybe reading this comment
will help motivate you.
hell i got my rack towering over me when i sleep cause my gym is in my room
(well my bed is in my gym really). no problem with motivation. hell i got
the opposite problem where i have to convince myself NOT to lift. sometimes
i don’t listen cause moving heavy shit around is fun.
honestly, if you don’t enjoy working out in and of itself, then the gains
won’t keep you motivated. you have to love working out to stick with it.

Alvs mondares says:

Well said Dan, I know for me if I find myself losing motivation in my home
gym, I like getting new stuff, which is rare for me cause I’m broke like a
joke. It could be as simple as knee sleeves and I get excited for another 2

Victor Wolf Peña says:

Glad i saw this! haha

Dan HomePhysique says:

Answering two questions in one

Rod Wilson says:

This hit home for me Dan and I have a very similar testimony – Thanx Bro. –
Keeping it real!

Ross2014 says:

Hi dan, do you think it would be safe to set up the cf475 power rack you
have with around 200kg of weights in an upstairs bedroom here in the uk?
Obviously deadlifts are out the question but for everything else landing on
the pins and safety bars. Cant set it up in garage or downstairs so it’s my
only option, would it be safe?

AMart2300 says:

How much did your entire home gym cost and where did you buy it?

mitchelltom32 says:

Great vid mate

Jack RTF says:

Great video mate, totally agree! 

Kenny Ng says:

Good stuff DBO

Jeremy Holley says:

Good stuff man

shreddybrek says:

I’ve put 20 lbs on in a month. I feel that gut area Dan

WTFitsAspire says:

same exact thing man. im 16 and only been lifting for 8 months and already
injured my shoulder to the point where i cant workout. really hard staying
away from the gym for a few weeks, months but it’ll payoff i hope

AhsanY2K says:

Nice vid 

fivefingerbp98 says:

Hell yeah Dan. I understand what you mean. You have to want to be motivated
and be willing to cut all other bullshit out of your life or prioratize the
time you have to your training. We all go through waves of being strong or
weak as fuck. Or being unmotivated. I recently cut my body weight down some
from 262 to 242 and i lost some strength. It turned me off for training for
a couple weeks. I was benching 430×9. At the peak off my cut i was only
able to get 370×12 with a struggle. Still weighing 242 and back to 400×9.
It’s all about fighting your way back up to the top. Even when shit trys to
bring you down. Keep training hard brother

John Day says:

Straight to the point advice man, no bullshit as always!

SCS Powerlifting says:

Great talk D, I know exactly what you mean and it’s great advice you have

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Such a great talk. I’m been struggling with motivation lately because of my
lack of sleep and the fatigue. I’ve also been changing my goals a little
(fat loss is now more important than strength gains) and I’m trying to get
motivated by that goal…ultimately related to my TRT.

Thanks for sharing your perspective on motivation and training.


Lauren Sara Jude says:

Can’t lie. Sometimes I watch these for a wee hit of that accent. #Oooosh

BLaQz84 says:

Great video to watch before I step into my garage to train… Great

justinw72ify says:

Sweet and simple greatly explained

naxis5000 says:

Nicely answered. You actually answered some questions I had not even added!

I have always had a passion for training, but within that my goals do
change in phases. One of my biggest struggles is not doing too much, which
is why I make better progress when using premade routines. I guess this
will hold things together once I have my own set up.

The injury bit was also great. Back is just not right and so a long list of
exercises are currently dropped or amended. The loss of deadlifts and power
cleans are the worst. A serious bitch as I had a tester routine I wanted to
complete as a final pre-xmas test (been planning that for 3 months too!). A
WOD named Linda that I took from Crossfit. So, I am taking a full break
from training after Fri 20 that will last until Tuesday 7th. If that break
does not work I will be off to get some scans.

On the positive side, at least bench press is going well!

The lass story did make me laugh!

GainzBro says:

So glad I subscribed to this dude

As real as it gets

Swipe650 says:

Wise words. Home gyms require less motivation IMO as making an effort to go
out to the fitness centre gym can be put off so easily

travis croft says:

Always give awsome advice!!!!

Someone Movement Fitness says:

Great talk brother. Setting small realistic goals helps me a lot to stay
motivated while working out at home.

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