Simple 7 Min Beginner Workout

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Beginners: Do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video:

Hey Sixpack-Shortcutters,

What’s up! In this episode, I will be using assistance from one of my friends. Meet Bryan, who is currently a workout newbie. I’ve prepared a good little workout for individuals just like him that are complete newbies. So if you fall under this category, or would just like to follow along then join us. This workout uses basic beginner level exercises, but the routine will give you advance level results.

Here is the workout

    ⁃    Push ups – 30 secs
    ⁃    Toe Touches – 30 secs
    ⁃    Squats – 30 secs
    ⁃    High Knees – 30 secs

This is a great beginners full body workout. Just because there are basic exercises used in this video don’t be fooled. This doesn’t mean that with the proper consistency you won’t get ripped, or build muscle with this workout.

And if you’re a normal guy who wants to get ripped FAST, watch this video now:

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If you just started working out, do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video:

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Train hard,


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Syammohan Kothottil says:

i am 25 years of age.. i am a beginner.. i am skinny type…
my doubts are :
how many days we need to do this 7 minute workout to go to the next stage..?
What is the next stage…?
my aim is to stay fit and to have good body…. my problem is that you have
uploaded so many videos with so many types of routines… i dont know which
one to do, what is the order and how much to do each one… so if you can
help, that would be great…

Yewon2001 says:

And where is that guy now?

canecoo says:

mike, can you do another kind of exercise like this, but more advanced?

bishal biswas says:

+Six Pack Shortcuts Hi Mike, First of all I am a “HUGE FAN” 😀 . Thank for
your motivating videos. I am from Kolkata- IINDIA 🙂 . I used to be a very
fit and strong guy, I played soccer, basketball and lots of other sports
before. But recently due to an accident I was in bed for almost 6-7 months
after being in Care-unit for 2 months, I am in a downward spiral. I went
broke, could not afford good diet and the list goes on. Right now I managed
to get a small job and my own accommodation. And thanks to your videos, I
am motivated to workout to a better physic again. Thank you so much for
that. Now the situation is, I have not gained any weight since the
accident, however I have grown exponentially around my waistline. I have
been working out rigorously since 6 months now with no significant changes.
That is where I need your help. Since I do not get time after work, I
usually work at at home with some equipments bought from the local stores.
Its a small apartment that I live in. I have an workout area of 4ft x 4ft
only. I am just looking for your guidance to loose these “”unloose-able””/
useless mass from my waistline. And also, if you can suggest a diet which
is good for me yet fairly inexpensive. Help me love my mirror again 🙂 . 

Samuel Fils says:

I am 13 and skinny and my dad wants me to be on the football team. All the
boys are bigger and stronger than me and if I get tackled, I don’t want to
get hurt. I need abs and some muscles on my arms. And I am 123Ib I want to
lose 5 pounds but it is very hard. I need a workout that can help me with
this workout. Please post a video on or tag my name and contact
me on this comment and tell me what you find so I can work on it. Thanks
for your support and I hope I get bigger.

James Penitusi says:

Hey Mike… Do you have a video of Bryan’s progress? 

Nick Nolte says:

That guy on the left is the sort of body i am aiming for.. 

Justin Macabre says:

That Asian guy is hot 

Maurice Smith says:

I have had a spinal fusion and would like some good beginner exercises that
I can do to strengthen my core in an effort to stave off future surgeries
as long as possible. I have no restrictions and my fusion took place at the
L5-S1 level. Can you make any good suggestions for me? BTW I am 50 and out
of shape though not overly so. Thanks

Josh Lam says:

My rest times usually end up lasting forever instead of 30seconds – 1

Paul Belschner says:

Loved this! Thanks. I’m almost 60 years old. Went from 283 to 200 in 16
months just by watching what I eat and now I’m trying to get into shape for
the first time in my life. My only questions are how often should I do this
and should there be anything additional I should add? Should I be adding
cardio or is this considered a cardio? Starting can be very confusing.

Andy Jackson says:

I am a 43 year old man & overweight, should i do this everyday do i need a
rest day thanks? 

ferdi Suna says:

what if i continue the same exercise for 3 months? everyday ofcourse.

way2sexy 4you says:

You should make a mini series follow the new guy and helping the beginner
with food choices and his progress I would watch that and a few if my
buddy’s would to 

Gail Akeman Frugal and Coupon Crazy says:

I’m 13 I work out a lot I. Not dat strong not seeing results what’s up what
do I do I play base ball foot ball and I wresle so I’m an athlete please

Bryce Hurd says:

I just want to say thank you for giving such good commentary on these
videos your tips and the way you communicate how you didn’t get to where
you are right now instantly really helps motivates us chubby people :)

Gulbis says:

Hi man. About this workout. It’s awesome, I have started this and I want to
know, I need to do this every day or not? Waiting for your answer. :)

00Grunk says:

Hey guys, I have a question. If I’m already skinny, will this workout help
me build some muscle, or is it just for losing weight?

Ch4rli3heart says:

This is really where it starts for anyone at any age, male or female. You
have to build up a base!

Javy Emm says:

Im 24 and a bit out of shape thanks for the video im starting with this for
a couple of weeks and increasing time on it little by little

Nathaniel Lovell says:

this is harder than I thought it would be…

Marvin Gibbs says:

I’d like to see the guy 2 months later and see his results.

Hitesh Darvhankar says:

its really helpful…..

Erikas Meškonis says:

How many times I need to do this routine in a week? Please help me am only
beginner so kinda hard for me to exercise :)

aashra shrestha says:

If you want to lose weight, you should google Fat Blast Furnace. They will
help you get the body you deserve.

Bradley Medina says:

I’m 14, this is my daily workout
30 push ups
100 crunches
1 minute of the bicycle thing..
20 toe touches
10 sit ups
30 more push-ups
And then I’m done and go to bed

Kirk Fogg says:

Mike, I gotta say this video is really helping, as a diabetic it’s
extremely hard to gain muscle, and i’m seeing great results with this
routine for beginners. Just wanted to say Thank You.

Andrew Chavez says:

Once I do this workout what else should I do.. Or that it for the day can u
help me? Also I am 15

Lew A says:

mike you are a cutie

Rahul Raj says:

Hi Mike… I really like your suggestions and workouts for skinny guys.
I am Rahul and I have started following your Sixpack shortcuts just few
days ago and i have been doing the 7 min simple beginner excise for men at
home from the past one week. I am writing this to you to know a little more
on how many days should i carry out the 7 min excise and what can i do

I am a little skinny guy and am following your diet and having food every
two hours. Please suggest your inputs. Thanks a lot!!

vamsikrishnareddy kv says:

it worked for me 🙂 thanks !!! i love your videos ..

Crazy kon says:

My first day and i am gonna follow this :)

xerr0n says:

lol, first time tryout and the the sides of my legs hurt. shows that the
things ive been doing so far has been too light.
man do i feel Great!

Paul Belschner says:

Thanks Jimmy. Call me.

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