Simple Home Training – 3 Shoulders Home Workout Exercises

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How to workout your shoulders quickly and simply at home. Home training for a quick & simple workout, all you need is a pair of dumbbells. Watch part two here: for a more advance home training bodyweight workout.

Keep working out hard and stay dedicated!

Alon Gabbay


ArabianClasher says:

i think that your left arm is weacker than your right bro

Rich Thomas says:

LOL @ Billy Madison

Marcus Loong says:

About how long to get to say maybe a good size for a teenager?

Chucky Doll says:

what your diet bruh

Daniel Romero says:

A better title for this video would be Shoulder home workout exxercises
when you happen to have a gym in your home

gantuya ganbold says:

chest work hhan

Billy Madison says:

Thide by thide? Trithephs? Ok pleathe can you firth thart speaking clearly?

Lenny Whitman says:

עזר לי מאוד.תודה

ArabianClasher says:

i think that your left arm is weacker than your right bro

Austin Martin says:

Cut as I meant and meaning you will get some mass but not much if you wanna
look good and gain mass I suggest you start at body weight to cut then you
want to move to the gym to get the mass and if you wanna ask me go ahead
because I am a bodybuilder that’s done this and it works very well for
ectomorphs and endomorphs

David Yashgur says:

r u israeli

Gabriel Mark says:

Alon, how many years have you been going to gym. ?

shouhu liu says:


Nelu Bond says:

those muscles aren’t made at home with push-ups dude! at least 2 years of

Austin Martin says:

Okay everyone is making a big deal out of bodyweight workouts one body
weight will make you r

Marek O says:

Maybe you should just all shut up, here is one thing for you: YOU ARENT
dumbells, dumbasses

azwantzHTD says:

uhh, ahhh, ermm, hurgh, ermm, arhh, huuuhh.. xD

Albin Evertsson says:

najs bruschan

Wall Alfyan says:

I want your body yo.

Boro Mijovic says:

hes going to fuck up his back cause of dumbell lat, hes not doing it corect


son of a bitch
do i look like i got fucking dumbells at home
when i write homeworkout then because i dont have a fucking gym membership
you clown

CraZzfy says:

2yrs? Lol

Marek O says:

Btw nice workout

Alex Csont says:

If you want shoulders go for handstand pushups, planche pushup progressions
and front lever progressions. That’s all you need

Mike Lopez says:


Youbeil says:

Full workouts please!! With all details, nutrition protein, supps and rest

kop sop says:

are you from israel ? – alon gabbay?

Magani79 says:

Did you just finish a cut or are you just maintaining your weight and BF?

Ersen Nefes says:

All respect to Alon but I think the dislikes might be because not everyone
has dumbbells at home and this video is about a home workout

jt27x3 says:

Very cool video and tips. It’s hard to tell, but is there a step you are
doing your pushups on or is it a flat floor. Also, home much grooming do
you do beneath the belt line? Thanks!

Nickabomb says:

You make mike chang look like a wimp

Gon Dal says:

Thank you Alon 🙂

kevin skilja says:

is the second video availeble??

PappA RicH says:

Nice one man!

Je Suis Desole says:


Sen Chi says:

homie could have a potential acting career (if he doesn’t already) at least
as a stand-in with that body. damn!

Nicky McCusker says:

5 Jelly people wish you would just sit down and eat a pie 😀

lucas lopes says:

The arnold preth is a good exercice

Alon Gabbay says:

coming soon my friend!

Gustavo Joaquín Bustamante Jaure says:


RikkyCZ says:

interesting, thanks

19DaRkMaN88 says:

Why they should be jelly Nicky ? Alon is training a lot and other people
for example learn a lot for their job in the future…i dont believe that
our alon is a guy with high degree….so you just a fangirl 😀

Diogenes0109 says:

tell us about your abs and what your eat all days

Rafid Shidqi says:

Nice tutorial, this is effective for mine

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