SoloStrength: New Models Home Gym Family and Club Fitness Body Weight Designer Exercise Equipment.

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SoloStrength NEW MODEL DOOR GYM: ( is proud to release our 3 NEW Models of SpeedFit Bodyweight Functional Fitness Training Home Gym and Studio Club Fitness Machines ~ Pro Free standing and door mounted gym exercise machines.~ There is a model for every space and budget. Simple & Fast Way to Exercise for Bodyweight resistance training and functional Fitness in home work outs!

High Quality North American made equipment and simple to use Home & Studio Gym Systems that come complete with detailed full body exercise programs that make it EASY to get started, EASY to improve, and EASY to advance your challenges for a lifetime of balanced fitness and lifestyle!

Personal Trainers love SoloStrength for their small space training studios and in home gym’s learn more on our website

Learn how SoloStrength will change your perception of what you need to keep in your best shape, by visiting our website for more information. *Child Safe and User Friendly. Three new models of adjustable bars for pull up and press exercises for Total Body Fitness.


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