The Best Home Workout On The Planet

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Strength & Conditioning coach Jon Chaimberg, who trains UFC fighters George St-Pierre, Rory Macdonald and many other professional athletes shares his 5 favorite exercises you can do at home to get in shape and loose those extra pounds.

We go One-on-One with UFC Fighter Georges St-Pierre


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ds37 says:

looks legit, I’m gonna try this tomorrow after my weekly run.

AskMen says:

The Best Home Workout On The Planet

Anthony Merriweather says:

The Best Home Workout On The Planet

Ava Alston says:

The Best Home Workout On The Planet

MMA Quebec says:

well done video!

gohanb41 says:

How many sets for the push ups and how long are the planks

Hiledex gleichgültig says:

this video workout at home for the person who dont want to go at gym

Randy Perez says:

His butt should have been down during the plank ..other wise very good video

Juan Roque says:

Thanks a lot for the advise.

Tudor Cristian says:

Have you tried “Ripped X Beast?” (Go Google it) It is a quick and easy way
for you to build muscle fast.

Preeti Soni says:

they are ausum and the way he shows was superb

Joe Graham says:

what about sets and reps? 3×6-12?

Blak Maled says:

Great workout. Thanks!!

mija ilic says:

If you desire to build muscle, you should look up on Google “RushMax
Muscle”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

bonctan says:

you should do this type of videos more often!

Benjamin M says:

Seems pretty legit, keep it up!

meelearn lama says:

It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these other normal
people bulk up so easily with Elite Muscle Formula (go Google it).

Timi T. says:

This is a great video!

sasuke5088 says:

Nope. Chuck Testa.

philipanakwue says:

1:46 Incredible he can do a push up and scratch his ass at the same time.

Dreameasy218 says:

i am gonna try this

Ricardo Ruiz says:

You should add subtitles!

Prateek Asthana says:

not bad

Christian Peralta says:


ThisKidYouAllKnow says:

just do p90x

Nediler says:

Now, how many sets are there? and is that 6 reps PER arm, or total?

andrephx90 says:

Thanks for this one!

jtmon3y19 says:

Finally, an informational video from askmen that actually has good advice.

Brian Quinn says:

nice flip flops

MrJbassonic says:

can someone tell me the name of the band or song that starts at 1:55? Thx 😉

TheAbStand says:

Great exercises to do with limited space. We at The AbStand believe you can
get a great workout from home. Check us out at theabstand*net

dasun perera says:

Have you heard about Nifty Fat Blaster? (do a google search for it) It is a
quick and easy way for you to get rid of fat fast.

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