Two-A-Days and Home Gym

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Creepy Pedro says:

Matty you look like my 4th favorite gay porn star. Pretty af. Homo…

MrMuffCabage says:

What’s the tattoo on your left shoulder? Meaning? 

chessdude67 says:

I’m work with Final Cut Pro X. I also use a 27″ newer iMac. 

Excellent videos!


Adam Evans says:

7am cardio? Damn!

Student Aesthetics says:

Damn would love to have a power rack at my house!

chessdude67 says:

Could you share more on your mic setup? 

Travis S says:

It’s so reassuring to hear that you don’t knock out voice overs in one take
haha 5 + takes crew checking in.

Road trip to Ohio to buy some more Rogue equipment ? Eh? Eh? 

TaxemicFanatic says:

It’s nice to see home gym footage as that’s my primary means of training.

MattDoesFitness says:

Gym looks awesome dude, jealous of that set-up

FitnessAngelo says:

I use final cut as well 🙂 good stuff Matty! I’m with you on the bench
press department haha I have a weak bench. 

Hanna J says:

Damn, my heart when Brittany gave you that little kiss on the cheek. You
guys are so adorable!
I want a home gym as well! No stupid people (guys) lol
Great video! :)

qazxswpat says:

Yo Matty, when I retract my shoulder blades I am tight, but when I drop my
shoulder blades down I lose tightness, is this bad?

TheDutchend says:

9:40 arch in your chest? lol

Trap God 1017 says:

Hey Matty, say my schedule is really hectic one day and I have a pull
session would it be bad to do deadlifts in the morning then go back to the
gym later that day and finish the rest of the workout? (bent over rows,
pull ups, etc)

Jake Meades says:

the choc mint myprotein whey protein is so good! they don’t have the
nutritional label on them in the UK though. Anyway, great video, keep it

Nathan Figueroa says:

The struggle is real with voiceovers….I’m going to have to eventually
upgrade my editing software to final cut pro….been waiting for my channel
to grow before I make the purchase…slowly but surely I’m getting there
😉 Love the content you bring my friend! 

A Hoxha says:

matt, why don’t you just increase your calories, I know it sounds stupid
but you look pretty lean. It doesn’t matter if you put on a bit of fat if
you will see gains in strength.

Clen Jones says:

Stay white brah. Stay Italian.


Mike Emma says:

I honestly don’t know if I have ever missed a single video of yours. I dk
if thats a good thing or completely embarrassing.. hmm

TZfitness says:

after i started my channel i really saw how much work goes into it.
Much respect!

Javin Maillet says:

I was so upset so much on the myprotein website is sold out. i had to go
with the summer fruit whey protein. Im kind of skeptical how thats will
taste lol have you ever had it?

Gokuflex says:

Mirin mic set up!

Generation X Physiques says:

That cinnamon swirl bread and sludge, now I have to change my pants. 

Ricky Bracamontes says:

Thanks for going a little more in depth with the video editing Matty! Never
really seen any other YouTuber do that! Great video as always!

minkle says:

Great video man, love the behind the scenes stuff.

Patrick Dean says:

Goals:have a garage gym, have a garage gym, and have a garage gym 

askchrishetrades says:

Is Final Cut Pro Free and is it for other software’s such as Microsoft?

Colin DeWaay says:

I definitely get the whole get YouTube videos in when you can thing. I’m
always watching over lunch hour or when doing something else. This stuff
takes a lot of time! 

matt long says:

Jon north is a god. Think he hit a 160 kg snatch at 95 kg – amazing for an
American lifter.

David Gutierrez says:

Btw, how many hours of cardio a week should I be getting in if I squat,
press, and pull in relatively high volumes 4 times a week?

Lorenzo Franco says:

Gym twice in one day? Wow.

I’m looking to get some equipment in over the next few months so I can
train at home for some muscle groups. I.e. Biceps, chest. Convenient as

jgvasa says:

Any reason why you didn’t use the spotter arms? 

DJ Sherwood says:

Matty! delts were looking Roooound bro!

Bradley Wilson says:

That’s what puts me off making videos, I can’t edit at all 

B9King937 says:

I know you said your max was like 265 in a video a month ago. But I thought
you would be able to put up 315. You look like you can! 

Riley Deveau says:

Your bench is looking really good.

Joshua Rice says:

Awesome contents, Matt…

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