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This video visualizes the dumbbell shoulder press exercise. The exercises are mainly targeting the beginners. In this video the shoulder are mainly focused while practicing the exercise. The breathing should also be taken in consideration [More]
From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit Clip ref. CC65. Men and women exercise, aerobics, legs running on treadmill. People working [More]
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Fitness for diet plans, toning exercise made weight loss, exercise for everyone. Body toning and muscle tone with personal trainer.You will be train in gym, and will make arm exercises, workout and weight training. Cellulite [More]
Paraplegic Workout Training Video #4 Chest Exercise 1 If you are a paraplegic and you want to workout and train with a great exercise regimen, then you are watching the right video. I am going [More]
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Here is an example of a routine you can follow for the shoulders. 1. Handstand push ups 2. Military Press 3. Military press behind neck 4. Arnold Press. 4 sets for each exercise, as many [More]
This video is the third of three specially designed weights workouts to give you a whole body workout. Using this weights programme will take 15-20 minutes. Dome two to three times a week, you should [More]
Best Chest Workout – Bodybuilding Chest Workout – Chest Exercise Routine How to Build A Big Chest – Bodybuilding Chest Workout – Chest Exercise Routine Be The Change Body granite YouTube Channel! We have free [More]
Part of the Bodybuilding training series. One abs exercise stand out from the rest in terms of ab muscle development. This exercise is the crunch. Various forms of the crunch exists. The one here is [More]
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