Three easy home gym exercises to build your arms chest and back! 😀 Don’t Give Up! 😀 😀 😀 [REMINDER: Proper Prayer, Nutrition, AND Exercise are essential to meeting all your weight-loss/toning goals.] “Now thanks [More]
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Easy workout to gain muscle at home. Muscle building exercises for beginner with weights. Strength workout for women and men to get a sculpted and toned body fast. ⦿ Calorie Burn: 110 – 300 ⦿ [More]
how to do all ur exerscises in the correcte form
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0:12 Four Exercises You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix Them 2:08 At Home Workout Circuit 1 Exercise 1 Banded Squats 15 repetitions Exercise 2 Bicep Curl 12 repetitions 3 Rounds Circuit 2 Exercise 3 [More]
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The majority of the exercises and the regressions and modifications you can use for them are to be found here in this video. The rest will follow in the next video.
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