Now, I’m no professional boxer/kick boxer, nor have I had any training in anything, but this unit has a built in trainer and teaches/coaches you on what to do. This is only my second day [More]
Here are a few pad configurations to set up to just freestyle with various strikes and combinations. Do 5 rounds of 3 minutes each. The Focusmaster G-1000 Home Gym is the only piece of equipment [More]
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Portuguese Personal Trainer from Vivafit Indonesia, Diana Rocha teaches how to get results in a 30 minutes workout at home.
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some shoot from today shit day, iam weak now. big thank for Adam Raw for today train.
0:12 Four Exercises You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix Them 2:08 At Home Workout Circuit 1 Exercise 1 Banded Squats 15 repetitions Exercise 2 Bicep Curl 12 repetitions 3 Rounds Circuit 2 Exercise 3 [More]
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