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Three easy home gym exercises to build your arms chest and back! 😀 Don’t Give Up! 😀 😀 😀 [REMINDER: Proper Prayer, Nutrition, AND Exercise are essential to meeting all your weight-loss/toning goals.] “Now thanks [More]
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In this video I share the 6 essentials I keep in my home gym. Hopefully this will help you figure out what to put in yours. You can learn more about my tech wearable here [More] Seniors exercise and movement needs are varied but the adjustable bar high quality home and facility exercise system by SoloStrength can meet them all in one piece of equipment. Safely locking adjustable bar for [More]
Power doesn’t just happen, you create it. The adidas all-in-one Home Gym for total body conditioning. Functional and versatile, the Home Gym provides numerous exercises at your disposal enabling you to split your training sessions [More]
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See a quick demo on the safe, space efficient Fold Away Strength Trainer by Torque Fitness.
Now, I’m no professional boxer/kick boxer, nor have I had any training in anything, but this unit has a built in trainer and teaches/coaches you on what to do. This is only my second day [More]
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