This video shows two warm up activities before showing the main lesson focus which was about team work and fair play while playing a game using scooter boards.
In this video, you will observe me teaching a P.E. lesson with a warm up activity, Hungry Crab game, and closure. The objectives of the game were to work on underhand throwing and spatial awareness. [More]
Hannah Williams teaching an elementary fitness lesson plan
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Rhythmic Gymnastics example sequence – Ball. Primary PE Lesson Plan Ideas for teachers. Check out some of our fantastic PE lesson plans –
This video visualizes the dumbbell shoulder press exercise. The exercises are mainly targeting the beginners. In this video the shoulder are mainly focused while practicing the exercise. The breathing should also be taken in consideration [More]
This is John’s third boxing lesson with coach Mark Milstead of Milstead’s Boxing and Fitness in the Los Angeles area. $25 introductory lesson. 45 minute private one-on-one lessons.
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Riya puppy had her first Puppy Swim Lesson at Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy. Swimming will help build confidence for Riya, and teach her safe swim practices in the pool. It is also a great way [More]
This really was a `DUH!` moment in my life. I really hope his video reaches out to those who went through/are currently going though something similar. If you are trying to build mass and get [More]
Free updates: No 1 PE curriculums for 4-7 year olds at PE Lesson Plans Elementary: Shoot down the Parrot
If you want to learn some of these moves you should check out for more information.
Here is an example of a routine you can follow for the shoulders. 1. Handstand push ups 2. Military Press 3. Military press behind neck 4. Arnold Press. 4 sets for each exercise, as many [More]