This golf lesson talks about the importance of a proper warm-up, and you’’ll see a great routine you can use before your next round. You’ll also learn why warming-up is actually better than stretching, [More]
Manuel and Zhenya teach a salsa dance class. This routine, which I call “Routine 1,” is the culmination of a few classes. Manuel is from Cuba, and Zhenya is from Kazakhstan. This class took place [More]
This activity is part of our everyday routine. The first time we did this, I told the following social story: “My favorite book as a boy was Ralph and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. Ralph [More]
One of my first pole dance class at Flirty Girl Fitness Lincoln Park.
Stefany Adinaro here, bringing you yet another of our fabulously fun dance routines from our SilverSneakers class in Salt Lake City! Some of my brave class members stayed after class to make this; thanks, guys! [More]
Bipasha Basu herself performs a 30 mins hardcore dance aerobic workout and shows us her cool moves and a graceful way to lose weight. This 30-minute dance workout improves stamina, endurance and strengthens the abdominal [More]
Greetings, Cottonwood Heights Rec Center friends! Here’s a glimpse at one of our cooldown songs. Fellow instructors, feel free to use in your classes!
For my colleagues, before you use this dance routine, make sure to significantly slow the tempo of the original song. This routine wouldn’t work with the song’s original very fast tempo.
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BULKING ROUTINE: BULKING PROGRAM PROTEIN SHAKE (BEFORE WORKOUT) • 2 Scoops Chocolate Whey Isolate • 2 TBSP peanut butter • Ice • 2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk • 1 Banana • 1/2 Cup (or [More]