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MARK SISSON’S POST ON I.F. FOR WOMEN: Low Carb Cory is an entertainer, fitness & nutrition aficionado, and intermittent fasting (I.F.) expert from Wisconsin. If you like the videos and find them helpful/inspiring/entertaining, please [More]
Bodybuilding Legend Lee Priest talks about home weight training. In 2002 he trained for, and won, the San Francisco Pro Grand Prix in his home gym. At the time he was sponsored by Powertec, so [More]
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SoloStrength NEW MODEL DOOR GYM: ( is proud to release our 3 NEW Models of SpeedFit Bodyweight Functional Fitness Training Home Gym and Studio Club Fitness Machines ~ Pro Free standing and door mounted gym [More]
my gym… maximuscle, York, pro power, matrix whey protein, fish, eggs, vegetables, pasta and a shed load of chicken lol 🙂 part of the urban survival structure is to be rich in knowledge, strong in [More]
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Hey guys i’m now 11.5 weeks out from the Midwest Musclemania. In this video I discuss my diet at this stage in training, including the foods i eat and how much i intake per food [More]
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Train with weights for a strong, toned and sexy body! Katie Lobliner shows you a 4 day women’s weight training routine designed for ANY woman looking for RESULTS! Today Katie shows demonstrates day one of [More]
Female Bodybuilding Heavy Weight Routine & Results – Labor Day 2014.This competition took place at Muscle Beach on Labor Day 2014. Contestants are: Toni Brown and Arelys Benitez.This video was filmed with the Sony fdr-ax100 [More]
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